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Webinar: Easily Build AI-Powered Applications With AWS AI Service

Webinar: Easily Build AI-Powered Applications With AWS AI Service

Ram Sagar

Cloud has transitioned from just being a data hosting service to a service that can help derive intelligence out of data. Today, cloud customers are leveraging the cloud based AI backed services to improve their businesses. AWS, which has been a leader in the cloud segment for over a decade has launched a multitude of  AI services that enable frictionless ML workflows.

So, AWS in association with Analytics India Magazine is coming up with a webinar to those who are interested in leveraging AI to power exciting features. This session will be handled by Nick Walsh, a Developer Advocate at AWS who is known for empowering developers by teaching them how to be more effective at utilizing cloud computing. 

In this webinar, Nick will discuss how to use AWS AI Services to leverage prebuilt AI APIs for common tasks like computer vision, audio transcription, text to speech, and more.

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Session Details

Speaker: Nick Walsh, Developer Advocate at AWS

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Time: 10 AM on 23rd July 2020

What Can You Expect

  • An overview of AWS AI services and their functionalities
  • Sample architectures for building with AWS AI Services
  • Live coding and demos

To register for the webinar, click here.

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