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Webinar: Intel’s Data Science Webinar On ‘Accelerating Deep Learning Workloads In The Cloud And Data Centers’

Webinar: Intel’s Data Science Webinar On ‘Accelerating Deep Learning Workloads In The Cloud And Data Centers’

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The wide availability of the cloud and the impending rise of 5G puts the data ML/AI world at the cusp of disruption.

Even as AI applications become more deeply integrated into the way we use the Internet, cloud and edge processing are becoming democratized and more easily accessible.

Modern advancements have also made it possible to reduce latency and increase data transfer speeds, thus increasing the feasibility of more complex tasks to be run on the cloud. A variety of accompanying technologies such as specialized storage solutions and optimized scaling due to better interconnects have also increased the muscle in the data center.

This, in turn, has opened up a whole new subdomain of ML/AI: accelerating deep learning workloads in the cloud and data centers. To equip data scientists with the tools required to handle the coming disruption, Intel organized a webinar targeted at ML/AI professionals.

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By giving them the tools to handle the upcoming change in the data center, Intel's webinar will equip data scientists for the future of deep learning computing. Titled 'Accelerating Deep Learning Workloads In The Cloud And Data Centers', the webinar will be conducted by Avinash Karani, an Applications Engineer from Intel.

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Karani shall take the participants through the following topics:

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  1. How data scientists and deep learning practitioners have instant access to Intel optimized deep learning environments
  2. How to get started using Intel optimized AI environments for their workloads in the cloud or in their data center.
  3. About Intel’s AI software and hardware strategy, the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor,
  4. Intel Optimized Deep learning (DL) Frameworks and Intel Deep Learning Boost

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Who Should Attend:

  1. Sysadmins looking for ways to upgrade their technology stack
  2. Data scientists who want to accelerate their models in the cloud
  3. ML and AI enthusiasts who can supercharge their data science activities using the technology
  4. Job seekers looking to actively develop their skills and hireability
  5. Industry members who wish to know the state of the DS market

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When: June 27th, 2019 starting from 11:00 AM IST

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