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Webinar: Democratizing Data Science With No-Code

Webinar: Democratizing Data Science With No-Code

The pace at which the field of data science is expanding makes it impossible for the enterprises to catch up to the state of the art solutions. To avoid falling short of the demands of burgeoning digital revolutions, solutions like APIs, drag and drop analytics, low code and even no-code have been developed. For instance, no-code tools bridge the gap between domain expertise and niche skills of the developers. Know more about why enterprises are increasingly leaning on no code solutions in the upcoming webinar being organised by Analytics India Magazine in association with HP.

This webinar will be helmed by Prashant Pansare, a triple MBA in International Marketing, Business Finance, and Corporate HR. Prashant is the Managing Director at Inteliment. Founded in 2004, Inteliment helps enterprises worldwide derive maximum business impact by providing Visual & Predictive Analytics, Data Science, IoT, Mobility & Artificial Intelligence Solutions. Prashant has also founded Rubiscape in 2020, a Made-in-India Data Science Product company to promote Data Culture, Design Thinking, Product Incubation.

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In this webinar, Prashant will address decision makers, students, data scientists, data enthusiasts, solution specialists, architects; and walk them through the various disruptive strategies and the importance of fluid and fast data platforms. Prashant will be joined by B Senthilraj, Solution Architect, HP India.

What You’ll Gain

By attending this talk, you will get to

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  • Know the latest trends in evaluating, adopting and scaling the platforms for diverse data to accelerate decision engineering processes.
  • Understand how platform approach will help them focus more on innovation and deep analytics.

Session Details

Speaker: Prashant Pansare MD, Inteliment Group, CEO – Rubiscape Pvt Ltd

Date: 23rd October’2020
4:00 to 5:15 PM (IST)

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