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Watch This Webinar On IBM Cognos Analytics & Why Businesses Should Use It

Watch This Webinar On IBM Cognos Analytics & Why Businesses Should Use It

IBM Cognos analytics

IBM Cognos analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a central theme in the future of business intelligence. While organisations are exploring how AI can enhance productivity, augmenting business intelligence using AI becomes key. In this context, IBM’s latest release of Cognos Analytics empowers business users with deeper insights driven by AI along with automated reporting and dashboards. A recently concluded webinar session with IBM experts elaborated how AI is transforming business intelligence.  Here are the key takeaways that you should know about. 

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

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Why Businesses Are Struggling With Analytics

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms published in 2018. By 2020, the number of users of modern business intelligence and analytics platforms that are differentiated by augmented data discovery capabilities will grow at twice the rate and deliver twice the business value compared to those that are not. “The AI journey is very likely longer than expected, reason being that there are many challenges that need to be overcome,”  said Philippe Mercier, Data Science and AI Sales Leader, IBM Asia Pacific. 

One major challenge is business users with basic analytics skills conducting analysis can give misleading or incorrect insights. “Dashboards are common interface when it comes to analytics for most users. One limitation is the ability to misattribute causality when comparing correlation among different elements,” told Philippe Mercier, Data Science and AI Sales Leader, IBM Asia Pacific. 

Therefore, it becomes important to get rid of misattribution and removing the natural tendency to find patterns in random data as dashboard approach to everything has led to many limitations. This is where augmented intelligence can play a significant role. 

Another reason why businesses are finding it challenging to drive insights is the data has outgrown the cognitive capacity of an average business user. “Large amount of data, petabytes of business data has become the norm, with so many data sources. We need to start relying more on the cognitive systems. That’s where AI will play a big role,” stated Mercier.

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Augmented Intelligence Is The Future 

Another takeaway from the webinar is the role augmented intelligence will play in creating business intelligence. According to Mercier, it will be important to define what is to be learned and AI system will learn how to learn it. It will be based on interactive decision making, learning and evidence based explanations. A range of techniques using natural language processing, knowledge and planning are key aspects of taking this journey, making it as easy as possible for everybody for driving insights and predictive intelligence. According to Mercier, AI Assistant using natural language processing will navigate through all the data a business user is looking for.  The system can learn what a user is looking for based on constant self learning. 

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What AI Smarts and Predicts Can Do For Businesses

Two sets of micro-services work together as part of IBM Cognos Analytics platform. Smarts defines what a user is interested in, meaning it discovers what is useful information, whereas Predicts defines the truth by discovering what evidence exists  so there is no misleading insight. Both set of micro services are needed for automatic discovery of usable business insights. Smarts goes beyond dashboards and reports to let you range widely as you look for insights that will make a difference to your business.

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Want to know how IBM Cognos can add value to your business. Watch the on-demand webinar here 

exploration ibm cognos

How Exploration Will Empower Intelligence

Exploration is another key aspect of IBM Cognos Analytics, where the platform helps create a flexible workspace where users can explore their data, or explore an existing asset in a dashboard. Exploration makes it easy for any user to get started exploring using natural language processing, this automating visualisations evidence-based insights. It further provides contextual recommendations that are needed to make the right decisions.

AI Will Augment The Skills Of  Business Users

While humans are better at common sense, dilemmas, morals, compassion, imagination and creative, machines excel at pattern recognition, locating knowledge, eliminating human bias,  and driving insights with endless capacity. “AI is not about replacing humans with machines. This is not the case. Combination of AI with humans using natural language understanding will empower businesses and bring them to another level. ”

Want to know how IBM Cognos can add value to your business. Watch the on-demand webinar here 

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