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What Data Science Graduates Need To Do To Get Hired During Covid-19 Pandemic

What Data Science Graduates Need To Do To Get Hired During Covid-19 Pandemic

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While news of data science graduates from tier-1 colleges getting hired with good salary packages amid a recession and an ongoing pandemic is mildly reassuring, there is no contending the fact that jobs are scarce and freshers need to brace themselves for an altered work landscape.

However, despite the uncertainty, some companies have been hiring for various positions, and you can do plenty to catch their attention. Here are some of the ways in which you can do this: –


Filter Your Search Sector-Wise

If you have been following the news keenly, you can deduce the sectors that are doing well, and hence, may be more likely to build their capacity and hire more people. Although sectors like hospitality and tourism have been struggling to bounce back, logistics and healthcare have been booming. 

Given this, it may be a good practice to do some research on companies that are doing well in these sectors before aimlessly sending across applications. Once you have shortlisted companies sector-wise, focus on openings at these places, since they may not advertise them widely.

Identify Portals That Regularly Update Jobs Feed

While portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor have become commonplace among professionals, not only to build a strong network, but also to get the latest information on vacancies, registering to more job boards like Indeed and Monster will help narrow down your search further.

You should also enable job notifications on social media platforms like Facebook and sign up with platforms like Google for Jobs, CareerBuilder, and more. Be sure to update your profiles across these platforms as and when required.

Network Aggressively

While looking out for jobs directly is a good practice to have, it is just as important to talk to people within your circle for opportunities. The first rule to networking is to update your profiles so people can help you appropriately. Secondly, always try and leverage personal networks first – you will be surprised how wide your network could go with a little help from people you already know.

Not only can these connections land you jobs through referrals, but it will also help you widen your network. Start by adding people you already know, and then reaching out and building a rapport with people who you think may be able to help you.

Develop Relevant Skills

In a dynamic field like data science, you are expected to continuously learn and build your skill sets. Given the pace at which technology has been moving across industries, it has become a basic requirement to take the initiative to pick up on additional skills you did not study in college or know very little about.

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Even if these skills do not directly help you land a job, they will certainly add a layer of competence to your profile and automatically make you a more attractive candidate. Sign up for online courses, read books, or attend online forums – there are many ways to develop your capabilities.

Prepare Well For Interviews

Job interviews can be anxiety-inducing, but it need not be that way. If you prepare well, facing your job interview will not be very challenging. With lockdowns reinstated in many districts and many places of leisure yet to reopen, you have the time to invest in your self-improvement, and you should set aside some time in a day to prepare for interviews.

Today, there are short-term courses as well that can teach you how to master the skills required to give a good interview. Since most interviews – at least in the coming months – are likely to be held virtually, it would be best to prepare for remote interviews and practice mock interviews.

Meanwhile, Consider Freelance Or Short-Term Work 

Since landing a job is not under your control alone and is subject to various factors, including available opportunities, it could be a while before you can join a place that aligns with your expertise. In the interim, it will be good to add some work experience to your portfolio by accepting freelance work or signing up for short-term jobs.
While these may not be the type of work you would have liked to be involved in, an additional experience can give you an advantage in the long-run, teach you many things, and give you the confidence you may be lacking.

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