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What Is India’s National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP)?

What Is India’s National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP)?

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India’s think think-tank Niti Aayog will create a national data and analytics platform to all government data available to stakeholders in an easy format.

Announcing the Vision Document for the National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP), the think tank vice chairman stated National Data and Analytics Platform would work towards ensuring data is efficiently and consistently available for as it is “new oil”. The first version of National Data and Analytics Platform is proposed to be released in 2021.

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“Given that data is the new oil, Niti Aayog feels the need to modernise our data system,” vice-chairman Kumar stated.

As per the vision statement, data from different Central and State Ministries and Departments in India should be coherent to help analytics and dissemination. Apart from that, there has be quick and easy availability to the most recent data, which published periodically without any hassle to help the welfare of the country.

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The NDAP will host numerous India datasets, provide them coherently with visualisation and analytics tools. The platform will be enabled by a user-friendly search engine, with easy navigation, with an easy user interface. Data will be given in a machine-readable format with customisable analytics, the document mentions. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be created to ensure data is updated regularly.

Apart from a steering committee led by Niti Aayog vice chairman, there also be a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which will include sector and technology experts in India for their advice and tips for improving the platform, management of data, and converging it for the best insights

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