What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At Brillio?

Hiring process at Brillio

Data science may have emerged as one of the most sought after jobs in recent years, but finding relevant candidates who not only have the requisite skills, but also sufficient experience and the right attitude has been a constant challenge for companies. Digital technology consulting company Brillio accepts another challenge when it comes to hiring data scientists – lack of nuanced understanding of business needs.

“There are numerous professionals who are not equipped with the required skill sets to be able to cater to evolving business requirements,” says Paulami Das, Principal Data Scientist at Brillio. “Hence, there is a need for candidates who understand industry nuances and can respond to them through innovative and creative action plans,” she adds.

According to her, with data being a lucrative field to pursue, there has been a significant supply of people with related skills. However, with very few people bringing all these skills together, it can be challenging to find an ideal candidate.

How does she describe an ideal data science candidate at Brillio? Let us find out.

Ideal Candidate At Brillio

According to Brillio, their focus when hiring data scientists is to look for relevant skill sets as well as understand whether or not the candidate is a good cultural fit for the company. Although they don’t emphasise too much on their educational qualifications, all applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant area that they are applying for, and any valid certifications.

“Our core focus areas are data science and machine learning concepts, and we work in a challenging work environment. We, therefore, look for skill sets such as flexibility, adaptability, and high learning attitude in an ideal candidate,” says Das. 

She adds that a key element of an ideal candidate at Brillio is to identify those who enjoy working in a multicultural and a mobile work environment. “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Hence, we look for candidates who come with a problem solving bent of mind and a willingness to upskill their knowledge,” she says.

Interview Process For Data Scientists

“A digitally native company like ours aims to help our employees build, grow, and accelerate, not only in their professional lives, but personal lives as well,” begins Das. “Therefore, hiring the best of the best is very critical for us,” she adds.

At Brillio, the hiring process consists of numerous steps, which may vary depending on the exact position the candidate is being assessed for.

According to the company, candidates must navigate multiple levels of screening processes via digital tools like Zoom calls, Team meetings, etc. This begins with an online test, followed by an HR interview and several technical rounds of discussions via virtual interview.

“We have a special AI and analytical test called the ‘codility test’ that the candidates must respond to efficiently to move on to subsequent rounds,” says Das. “In addition to their technical prowess, we also test a candidate’s problem-solving skills,” she adds.

This means that the interview rounds at Brillio entails a mix of core data science concepts, logical thinking, problem-solving and coding to understand the full capabilities of the candidate. “We also try to gauge their experience and the challenges they have worked on previously,” she says.

Furthermore, the company tries to understand how Brillio fits into a candidate’s professional goals, as well as their understanding of industry trends. “This also gives insight into their eagerness to learn and curiosity to analyse and solve problems, which are core to the position.”

How To Apply At Brillio

There are a lot of new avenues present in the digital world, apart from traditional job boards, and Brillio, like many other companies, have been harnessing these avenues to hire data scientists.

“At Brillio, we have expanded our search to platforms such as Kaggle,” says Das. “Mapping potential talent through social media and meetups offers additional avenues. Furthermore, we have partnered with experts and select institutions to support us in creating hiring and training modules for us to groom data scientists internally, which enables us to hire industry-ready candidates. The company hires data scientists throughout the year as there is always a demand for scientists and online platforms have helped us meet and discover some great talent,” she adds. 

While sourcing talent from different sources, the company tends to look at fresh talent from various colleges and top institutes. They also pull talent from employee referrals as well as from specialised partners.

Once hired, what do data scientists at Brillio do?

“For junior positions, we take time to educate and upskill the employee to work with the team and empower them to work efficiently,” says Das. “For senior positions, we ensure knowledge transfer on client requirements and business goals for them to work effectively in steering their teams towards success,” she adds.

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