What to expect from Google I/O 2022

Google is also set to unveil Health Connect by Android, a new set of APIs designed to help you reach more Android users with less work.

Google I/O 2022, the most awaited developers’ conference of the year, is around the corner. With more than 200 speakers, the summit will cover a broad spectrum of topics and will have a slew of announcements on the latest innovations in AI and ML. The I/O adventure also makes a comeback this year: Users can explore the platform to see product demos, chat with Googlers, earn Google Developer profile badges and virtual swag, engage with the developer community, create an avatar, and look for easter eggs.

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The conference is scheduled to start at 10:30 pm IST on May 11, 2022, and will kick off with Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai’s keynote speech. Below, we look at what to expect from Google’s flagship conference.


The I/O conference will have announcements around adding machine learning to the developer toolbox. The session will also cover adding ML and AI to the toolbox of the mobile, web and backend developers with TensorFlow; deploying a custom ML model to mobile; and a custom TensorFlow Lite model in Android and iOS. Google also plans to unveil Fraudfinder, a comprehensive fraud detection app that uses Vertex AI capabilities for data science solutions. Stay tuned for updates on the latest APIs and early access programs for machine learning.

Augmented reality

At the conference, the Google team will do a deep dive on ARCore, Google’s new AR software development kit. The session will cover the latest on AR/VR development, including the APIs for tracking and placement and ML models for improving your experiences.


Google Cloud and Workspace teams are building cloud services to help developers and technologists create transformative applications. By introducing MLOps on the cloud with TFX and extending Google Workspace with AppSheet’s no-code platform and Apps Script, Google plans to change the way developers use cloud services. 


Google will introduce WebML to help make a “teachable machine” that can leverage transfer learning in the browser to recognise anything. The conference will cover the latest on deploying angular applications with server-side and hybrid rendering to Google Cloud Platform as well as easier data pre-processing with Keras.

Conversational AI

The conference will have announcements around Conversational AI for business messaging. The session will cover features like speeding up LCP with cross-site prefetching and adding voice functionality to android auto apps. Google is also set to unveil Health Connect by Android, a new set of APIs designed to help you reach more Android users with less work.

Firebase and Flutter

Google plans to introduce the next generation of meta-web frameworks on Firebase. The latest updates involve auto alerts with functions, logging and BigQuery, using Firebase tooling with Github Actions to take an idea from prototype to production, etc. Flutter will have some updates of its own as Google’s UI SDK vertical presents API applications with WebView, WebApps, federated plugin development, etc.

Hardware updates

Expect a flurry of announcements around hardware from the launch of the rumoured Pixel 6a and pixel watch, to the introduction of Nesthub with detachable tablet part. Word on the street is Google might also unveil its first foldable mobile device at the event.

The social media sites are awash with polls, posts and forum discussions on what to expect from the Google I/O event.

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