Why Computer Vision DevCon Comes At The Right Time

The Association of Data Science (ADaSci) recently announced Computer Vision DEVCON or CVDC 2020, a two-day virtual conference that aims to bring computer vision practitioners and innovators on a single platform to share and discuss recent developments in the field. 

Scheduled for 13 and 14 August 2020, the conference comes at a time when computer vision has become one of the most advancing technologies in the world. From being used to differentiate between typed and handwritten text to making self-driving cars, it has come a long way. Reports suggest that by 2022, the computer vision market is expected to reach a $48.6 billion mark. There is no denying that the era of computer vision has begun and is here to stay. 

Computer Vision Advancements Is Taking A Center Stage 

Computer Vision Is Witnessing An Increased Use Case In Various Industries: The advances in computer vision have increased over the last few years. Top leading firms across the globe such as Amazon and FaceX are making use of computer vision across domains such as autonomous driving, retail (Amazon Go), healthcare (Amazon DeepLens and DermLens) and more. It is expected to see increased adoption in areas such as video surveillance, medical image analysis, augmented reality and virtual reality, localisation and mapping, human emotional analysis, facial recognition, and more. Reasons such as hardware advancements, the emergence of deep learning technology and the availability of large datasets are some of the reasons that the field is gaining traction. 


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Computer Vision Is Being Explored In Dealing With Covid-19: Many startups in India and across the global are vouching for computer vision technology in detecting symptoms of Covid-19 to keep the risk of infection at a minimum. Many startups such as RayVision, Tericsoft are using computer vision to integrate with CCTVs, thereby assisting in detecting body temperature, person coughing, people without masks and more. These startups are running computer vision and neural network analysis to check for protocols.

Computer Vision Is Emerging As A Likely Career Option: Many companies such as Qualcomm are now looking for talent to fill up the requirements for jobs in the field. It has become one of the hottest jobs with companies looking for skilled professionals in the areas such as deep learning. 

CVDC 2020 Comes At A Right Time

Given the various use cases and applications that computer vision is witnessing in several industries, there has been a surge in the popularity and demand of computer vision and a need to understand the topic thoroughly. Deep learning has given a boost to the rapidly developing field of computer vision as it provides tools to distil the important information from images. To break into this one of the fastest-growing career fields, one needs to have the knowledge of both deep learning and computer vision. 

The Computer Vision DevCon will expose the enthusiasts in the field of computer vision to meet and engage with leading developers in the field. Further, the workshops at the event will serve as a perfect opportunity to get hands-on the various techniques that come handy in the field of computer vision. 

The full-day workshop on deep learning for computer vision will aim at familiarizing participants with the key concepts of deep learning techniques applied in the field of computer vision. A full-day workshop will cover detailed aspects of the computer vision domain starting from introduction to the field, reading and processing images using Python, CNNs, defining CNNs using Keras, multiclass classification, image recognition, transfer learning, object detection and advanced computer vision techniques such as neural style transfer and GANs. 

The workshop will help participants have a thorough understanding of the concept of deep learning and its application in computer vision, get hands-on knowledge of the state-of-the-art transfer learning modules including VGG, ResNet, Inception etc., practical implementations of GANs, how to carry object detection and more. 

Given that the conference is virtual, it will provide ease to the participants to join the talks and workshops from the comfort of their homes. Being a virtual event, CVDC can reach out to a wider audience while helping them save precious resources. 

It is the perfect opportunity to get a thorough insight into the field of computer vision as it will see participation from some of the leading professionals and researchers in the field who will share their experiences, provide detailed insight into the technology while leading us by examples.

To register for Computer Vision DevCon 2020, visit here

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