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Why Data Science Requires A Dedicated Job Portal In India

Why Data Science Requires A Dedicated Job Portal In India

Data Science as an emerging field has undergone explosive growth in the past few years, owing to the wide adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning among SMEs. The phenomenon is very visible In the Indian subcontinent especially, where the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, sees new AI-focused startup being started up regularly. This has created an environment where talent is required, and fast.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Naukri and Monster have all been widely used by every data scientist throughout their careers. However, these portals have their own pitfalls, and end up providing an unsatisfactory experience for the minute specializations required for data science jobs. These factors contribute towards the need for a standalone, dedicated portal for data science jobs.

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Why Data Science Is A Difficult Field To Quantify

Job sites such as Linkedin offer a restricted environment for companies to post jobs, along with a general feeling of getting lost in a sea of other postings on the platform. Moreover, the state of data science as a complex field of occupation is also seen when looking at it as a concept. While it has been called the “Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review, it is one of the most complex positions one can hold.

The occupation of a data scientist comes at the conjunction of many important business skills and technical knowledge. The occupation requires applicants to have considerable skill in computer science, owing to the pervasivity of software in ML solutions today, but also be able to predict the outcome of his insights on the business as a whole. While this is usually delegated to big-picture activities taken care of high-level executives, the data scientist working from the ground up will have a better idea of how the deliverable can impact the business as a whole.

Moreover, they are also required to have a high level of skill in written and spoken communication, as they operate in complex concepts that cannot be easily conveyed. This also extends towards creating project reports or outcome analyses, which both need a high tendency for the scientist to get what they are saying across.

Data scientists will also have to work on deliverables across verticals, such as prediction, classifications, recommendations, anomaly detection, actionable insights, scoring and ranking, optimization and forecasts.

Above all of this, data scientists are also required to have a strong background in statistics, so as to derive insights from large amounts of data. This adds another skill to the required skill set of data scientists. This skill will be used to create comprehensive and easy-to-implement strategies that harness the power of statistics to ensure a favourable outcome.

Data scientists will also need to know multiple programming languages, such as R and Python, along with big data frameworks such as Apache Spark, Hadoop and SQL databases.

All of this contributes towards the need for a dedicated job portal for data science professionals.

Disconnect Between Hirers And Professionals

Organizations have also found it extremely difficult to hire good talent for data scientist roles. Even as we have one of the biggest data scientist and programmer populations in the world, companies still find it difficult to begin hiring momentum. This is caused by a variety of factors.

Firstly, the definition of ‘data scientist’ varies from organization to organization, with job sites not being to accurately convey the requirements for various positions. Added to this, there are multiple other positions such as data analyst and data technician that do not make sense to a new job seeker.

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The lack of representation for differences in these positions and their accompanying requirements has caused an environment of misinformation in the data science hiring field. Moreover, employers struggle to even connect with the talent that the required where their posting is buried under a deluge of similar ones. While this not only results in frustration of not being able to find the right person for the right job, it also contributes to the image of not finding suitable talent where, in reality, data science professionals are looking for new opportunities.

Making The Case For A Dedicated Portal For Data Science Positions

As many of data scientists know, it is important to keep growing and learning. This was our motivation to start Analytics India Magazine, adding to the then-budding analytics community. Today, we have become a trusted source of information, tutorials and events in the analytics and data science field. For bringing us here, we wanted to give back to our community in a unique way.

These factors drove us at Analytics India Magazine to create a dedicated portal for data science and analytics openings. After interactions with companies in the analytics space, we discovered a disconnect between those who wish to hire and those who want to be hired. You, our community, have been vocal in your search for jobs across the fields of data science and analytics. Companies, on the other hand, maintained that it was difficult to find such people.

Bringing together India’s fastest-growing community of data scientists with premier choices for job opportunities, Analytics India Jobs gives back to our faithful readers by offering them an opportunity to advance in their careers. Harnessing the power of being one of India’s premier data science destinations, we aim to provide a unique way to create a connection for those wishing to find better jobs.

Those interested can apply at Analytics India Jobs.

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