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Why Deep Learning DevCon Comes At The Right Time

Why Deep Learning DevCon Comes At The Right Time

Why Deep Learning DevCon Comes At The Right Time

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) recently announced Deep Learning DEVCON or DLDC 2020, a two-day virtual conference that aims to bring machine learning and deep learning practitioners and experts from the industry on a single platform to share and discuss recent developments in the field. 

Scheduled for 29th and 30th October, the conference comes at a time when deep learning, a subset of machine learning, has become one of the most advancing technologies in the world. From being used in the fields of natural language processing to making self-driving cars, it has come a long way. As a matter of fact, reports suggest that by 2024, the deep learning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25%. Thus, it can easily be established that the advancements in the field of deep learning have just initiated and got a long road ahead.

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Deep Learning In The Spotlight With Increased Use Cases

Being a crucial subset of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the advancements in deep learning have increased over the last few years. Thus, it has been explored in various industries, starting from healthcare and eCommerce to advertising and finance, by many leading firms as well as startups across the globe.  

While companies like Waymo and Google are using deep learning for their self-driving vehicles, Apple is using the technology for its voice assistant Siri. Alongside many are using deep learning automatic text generation, handwriting recognition, relevant caption generation, image colourisation, predicting earthquakes as well as for detecting brain cancers. 

In recent news, Microsoft has introduced new advancements in their deep learning optimisation library — DeepSpeed to enable next-gen AI capabilities at scale. It can now be used to train language models with one trillion parameters with fewer GPUs.

With that being said, in future, it is expected to see an increased adoption machine translation, customer experience, content creation, image data augmentation, 3D printing and more. A lot of it could be attributed to the significant advancements in hardware space as well as the democratisation of technology, which helped the field in gaining traction.

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Deep Learning Is Playing A Huge Role In Dealing With COVID-19

Many researchers and scientists across the globe have been working with deep learning technology to leverage it in fighting the deadly pandemic COVID-19. In fact, in recent news, some researchers have proposed deep learning-based automated CT image analysis tools that can differentiate COVID patients from the ones which aren’t infected. In another research, scientists have proposed a fully automatic deep learning system for diagnosing the disease as well as prognostic analysis. Many are also using deep neural networks for analysing X-ray images to diagnose COVID-19 among patients.

Along with these, startups like Zeotap, SilverSparro and Brainalyzed are leveraging the technology to either drive growth in customer intelligence or power industrial automation and AI solutions. With such solutions, these startups are making deep learning technology more accessible to enterprises and individuals. 

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Deep Learning Becoming A Preferred Career Option

Companies like Shell, Lenskart, Snaphunt, Baker Hughes, McAfee, Lowe’s, L&T and Microsoft are looking for data scientists who are equipped with deep learning knowledge. With significant advancements in this field, it has now become the hottest skill that companies are looking for in their data scientists.

Consequently looking at these requirements, many edtech companies have started coming up with free online resources as well as paid certification on deep learning to provide industry-relevant knowledge to enthusiasts and professionals. These courses and accreditation, in turn, bridges the major talent gap that emerging technologies typically face during its maturation.

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DLDC 2020 Comes At A Right Time

With such major advancements in the field and its increasing use cases, the area of deep learning has witnessed an upsurge in popularity as well as demand. Thus it is critical, now more than ever, to understand this complex subject in-depth for better research purposes and application. For that matter, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the field to build a career in this ever-evolving field.

And, for this reason, the Deep Learning DEVCON couldn’t have come at a better time than this. Not only it will help amateurs as well as professionals to get a better understanding of the field but will also provide them opportunities to network with leading developers and experts of the field. 

Further, the talks and the workshops included in the event will provide a hands-on experience for deep learning practitioners on various tools and techniques. Starting with machine learning vs deep learning, followed by feed-forward neural networks and deep neural networks, the workshops will cover topics like GANs, recurrent neural networks, sequence modelling, Autoencoders, and real-time object detection. The two-day workshop will also provide an overview of deep learning as a broad topic, which will further be accredited with a certificate for all the attendees of the workshop.

The workshops will help participants have a strong understanding of deep learning, from basics to advanced, along with in-depth knowledge of artificial neural networks. With that, it will also clear concepts about tuning, regularising and improving the models as well as an understanding of various building blocks with their practical implementations. Alongside, it will also provide practical knowledge of applying deep learning in computer vision and NLP.

Considering the conference is virtual, it will also provide convenience for participants to join the talks and workshops from the comfort of their homes. Thus, a perfect opportunity to get a first-hand experience into the complex world of deep learning along with leading experts and best minds of the field, who will share their relevant experience to encourage enthusiasts and amateurs.

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