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Why Everybody Should Know The Nuts and Bolts Of AI

Why Everybody Should Know The Nuts and Bolts Of AI

From your music app to your bedside Alexa, AI is making everything smarter day-by-day. However, even though we all use it, most of us don’t know how they work or the tech behind.

However, experts believe that, even though these latest technologies are really good at what they do, that doesn’t mean we can rely on them or trust all the time. And that is why even the experts from the tech industry nowadays have started to seek explanations and answers from AI. This is where Explainable AI comes into the picture.

The most common applications of AI are Google assistance or Apple’s Siri. All you have to do is ask them questions and they will provide you answers. Or just have a look at Netflix app that is recommending you movies. Have you ever wondered how Netflix know about your movies taste?

Reasons Why Even A Non-Techie Should Know In-Depth About AI

In Terms Of Security

Suppose you are someone who is not from the world of technology and recently you purchased a smart home device. But do you know how that works? Or that fancy looking smart home device reading out news for you, playing your favourite music anytime you ask it, can pose some serious security issues?

Do you remember when Amazon echo was eavesdropping? An Amazon user in Germany last year requested data about the personal activities and fortunately or unfortunately, he gained access to 1,700 audio recordings of someone he didn’t know. It might sound very silly to many, but in reality, it is something serious.

These kind of instances are nothing less than reasons for everyone to know in-depth about the latest tech; not because they can stop it but because they will be aware of it will be smart enough to take immediate action if they feel something is wrong.

Another example of smart device posing a security risk is the use of medical devices without knowing its nuts and bolts. There are many instances where medical devices have been found vulnerable to hacking. So when we know or have knowledge about this kind of technologies, it helps to decide with which device or product to go with.

In Terms Of Upgrade

There are instances where smart home devices start to work in a weird manner; not because they are faulty, but because the firmware needs an update. So, if you don’t know about your smart device and what are the things that need to be updated from time to time, it might confuse you. Having said that, many would wonder why do we need to keep track of the upgradation as smart devices updates automatically and notifies the user. But at times even the smart devices fail and for some reason or the other, the user might not receive a notification.

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In terms Of Search

Whether you are a techie or just a person who has a 9-5 day job, in this internet and technology driven-era, it is imperative for each and everyone to have at least some know-how about the latest technologies.

Talking about machine learning, it is used in a lot of verticals, and search engines and recommendation engines are one of them. Whether it’s a search engine or an online shopping platform, on a day to day basis people use these two things a lot. You all must have noticed that when you go to a shopping platform and search for a product or in a video or music streaming platform and search for music, we are always recommended with something similar to our previous search. Why is it so? It is all because of machine learning that is working behind. People who are not from the technology background must have wondered why they are suggested with some specific things.

Wrapping Up

As we have already mentioned our latest video, you would see how fast the world is evolving in terms of technology. People who don’t even belong to the tech space have some knowledge about the technologies they use on a day to day basis. Either they know through movies or they have come across some video on social media.

But you look into the future, things won’t be the same. The world will witness a massive wave of transformation and it will become completely imperative for each and everyone to know the nuts and bolts of engineering as our lives will be dependent on technology more than ever.

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