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Why Genpact ‘Dare in Reality’ Is A Hackathon Not To Be Missed

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Why Genpact ‘Dare in Reality’ Is A Hackathon Not To Be Missed

In Formula E – the first all-electric, single-seater world championship – even the most subtle performance improvements can lead to victory. These could be changes to not only the car, but also how the team uses data and analytics to improve energy management, race strategy, or competitive advantage to shape a race’s outcome.

That is why Envision Racing – a founding Formula E team – uses advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the pack. Business transformation firm Genpact is partnering with the team to help bring this extra edge to Envision Virgin’s performance.

And now, Genpact is giving data scientists outside the partnership the opportunity to help the Formula E team win on the racetrack. Together with Envision Racing and MachineHack, Genpact launched ‘Dare in Reality,’ a data science and machine learning hackathon that promotes the use of advanced data analytics and AI to predict lap times in qualifying races. 

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How Genpact Is Giving Envision Racing A Boost

Formula E racing has 12 teams and 24 drivers – all driving battery-powered cars. In every race, drivers and their engineers need to make rapid decisions on how to use their energy, when to overtake or defend, how to respond to competitors, when to take attack mode (and an extra boost of energy available to all drivers), and much more. 

Thanks to Genpact’s data science and machine learning capabilities, Envision Racing can combine the talent of its drivers and engineers with fast access to insights from sophisticated algorithms to give the team an extra edge to win. 

The Genpact team provides insights that help drivers prepare for each race by analysing their performance in previous contests and practice runs in the simulator. They can also make predictions on how many laps a race will be and help the team understand what other drivers may be planning by tapping into race-day radio communications. 

Similarly, technology enables the team to easily report its carbon emissions to The Carbon Trust to remain the greenest team on the greenest grid. And finally, analytics also helps identify fan personas, enabling the team to build its base of socially conscious supporters. 

And now the Dare in Reality hackathon gives you a unique opportunity to help the team make even better use of data and analytics.   

What are you waiting for? Unleash your data analytics skills today, participate in this prestigious hackathon, and collaborate with the most innovative minds in the industry. But hurry, it closes in 8 days!

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This hackathon is a two-week event where data science and machine learning professionals get a chance to win exciting merchandise and cash prizes totalling INR 12 lakhs (about $16,000).

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