Why IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Programme In Data Sciences Is The Right Choice For You

Apply for the exclusive IIM Calcutta’s one-year Advanced Data Science Programme to acquire a strong foundation in data science & analytics domain.
Why IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Programme In Data Sciences Is The Right Choice For You


With the data science domain undergoing significant development over the last few years, and more so since the domain got its first spotlight six years ago, the time is ripe to pursue a career in data science & analytics. As per a study conducted by AIM Research, more than 137, 870 analytics jobs were recorded in the second week of June 2021. By the end of August 2021, LinkedIn showed about 23,536 data scientist job openings, compared to global numbers, which stood at 251,194 jobs. The door to opportunities galore, especially if you are planning to choose a career in data science. 

The need for talented data science professionals has also been flourishing like never before. The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) is perfectly positioned to cater to the growing demand of the data science industry. Launching the fifth batch of its one-year Advanced Programme in Data Science (APDS), in partnership with VCNow, IIMC is striving to bridge the talent gap of this dynamic industry.

How IIM Calcutta’s Advanced Programme In Data Science Stands Out

IIM Calcutta has been playing a pivotal role in professionalizing Indian management through its Post Graduate and Doctoral level programmes, executive training programmes, research and consulting activities. 

IIM Calcutta is regarded as one of Asia’s finest B-Schools and ranked among the top three management schools in the country with 50+ years of academic excellence. 

It is also accredited with the coveted triple crown certifications — AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB. Today, the institution attracts some of the best talents in India — a melting pot of academia, industry and research. 

IIM Calcutta was the first Management Institute to launch a 2 years full-time Campus based tri institute PG Diploma in Business Analytics, with IIT Kharagpur, ISI Calcutta and IIM Calcutta. It has developed considerable domain area expertise and is on top of the list for data science courses. 

With data science getting more entrenched in organizations, there is a need for industry-ready talent to take up these roles. IIM is uniquely placed to train the next generation of data scientists with a business and management acumen. 

In its fifth year, IIMC’s one-year advanced programme in data science is designed to offer top-notch education that covers all the latest trends and advancements in data science.  It is specifically designed for working professionals who would like to have a hands-on feel on working with data. The stellar faculty at IIMC introduces participants to the different tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analysing, and interpreting data. It also focuses on data management and analysis, introducing various software like Tableau, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, Python, R, @Risk, Arena, Hadoop, etc. 

The programme is designed by IIM Calcutta and will be delivered by IIM Calcutta faculty. 

Key highlights of the programme 

As part of the programme, the candidates would be required to form small teams and undertake organisation-based specialised or comprehensive projects of their choice. At the end of the programme, the participants would be acquiring a solid foundation for applying advanced quantitative and statistical tools to make the most effective decisions driven by sound data analysis. 

  • APDS focuses on the tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analysing and interpreting data. 
  • The main focus would be on data management and analysis. 
  • Focuses on database management, computation, and information systems. Topics like data interpretation, visualisation and analysis, database management and data warehousing, machine learning, big data storage and analytics, and deep learning would be covered in detail. 
  • Covers quantitative topics such as statistics for data science, econometrics, stochastic processes and simulation, in detail.
  • APDS will not focus on the different business domains such as finance, operations, marketing, etc. 
  • The programme would be much broader in terms of application areas and would focus on non-business applications where data handling/managing skills are required. It includes atmospheric sciences, government, utilities, agriculture, etc.
  • Discusses several case studies showing the use of data science in organisations. 

Who should apply? 

The fifth batch of APDS welcomes working professionals graduates/ postgraduates with 3+ years of work experience having a role involving handling and interpreting data and young managers aspiring to make a career in data science. Programming knowledge is not essential for this course, but applicants must have a basic understanding of mathematics and statistics and a background in Quantitative techniques and data analytics tools will be preferred.

Duration: 12 months (215 hours). 

Campus: Twice a year. The total duration of campus visits is six days. 

Program Commencement: December 2021. 

Programme fees: INR 4 Lakh + GST

Campus fees: 48,000 + GST

Programme Modules

  • Understanding Data Science
  • Mathematics for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science   
  • Data Management and Data warehousing
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Data Interpretation, Visualization and Analysis
  • Econometrics with R
  • Stochastic Process and Simulation
  • Categorical Data Analysis
  • Business Intelligence with Data Analytics
  • Big Data Storage and Analytics
  • Advanced Topics in Data Science (Text Mining, IoT, Deep Learning, Industry 4.0 etc.)
  • Project in Data Science

(Source: IIMC) 

Key Winning Factors

1) Face-to-face instructor-led course: A live classroom experience goes beyond an average online course and allows participants to walk away with a robust learning experience. Virtual classroom set-up helps in faculty & peer-to-peer interaction and allows for valuable knowledge transfer.  

2) Long duration programme: A longer duration programme offers students a chance to go a step beyond the regular short-term courses and build an in-depth understanding of database management and statistical analysis techniques. 

3) Rigorous curriculum: The course features a mix of lectures, real-life case studies, live corporate examples, uses of analytical software and peer collaboration. The learning experience is rounded off with a project that will be presented either online or on campus. 

4) Campus components: The programme features two campus visits in 1 year along with visits that can total up to 6 days (3 initial + 3 concluding) that enable participants to enrich their learning experience with interactions with the faculty and peers. Attendance in all campus visits is mandatory. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, campus visits would be scheduled only if government guidelines permit.

5) IIMC Executive Education Alumni Status: Participants successfully completing the programme are bestowed with IIMC Executive Education Alumni Status which enables a great networking opportunity and can open up lucrative career avenues for candidates and put them on an accelerated career path. 

Given the rising popularity and demand for skilled analytics and data science professionals across industries, IIM Calcutta’s exclusively designed one-year Advanced Programmes in Data Sciences will act as a game-changer for all looking to make a mark in this competitive industry.

There are limited seats for this programme. 

The programme commences from December 2021 onwards

What are you waiting for? Click here to apply online today.  

Or share your details to Speak to our Academic Advisors https://vcnow.in/IIMC-APDS/?utm_source=Other&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=IIMC+APDS+B-05&utm_content=AIMag_Article

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