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Why Indian IT Professionals Are Looking To Upskill Themselves In Cloud Computing

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This internet boom over the last two has led to the growth in the demand for bandwidth from data centres. Lack of access to quality data networks and fully amped data centres in India is truly felt among organisations during this novel Coronavirus pandemic. To counter the pressure of work from home scenarios, Indian organisations are investing many times more than traditional IT spending in cloud infrastructure. In addition, cloud companies are expanding fast in the nation. 

Even global companies are flocking towards India. For instance, Oracle has come up with its second cloud region in Hyderabad to support customers’ demand for enterprise cloud services in India. The launch follows the launch of its Mumbai Cloud region in 2019, making India Oracle’s latest nation with multiple cloud regions available. India has also become the next big hot market for internet giants such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and Amazon, fuelling demand for cloud professionals who could manage the digital infrastructure.


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Amid this boom, training providers are witnessing a surge in enrolment in their information technology training programmes, including emerging technologies like cloud and data science. The jobs of the future will need expertise specific niche skills, and upskilling is the only way for a long term career growth for technologists. Hence certification programs are getting popularity among the IT professionals. According to analysts, COVID-19 lockdown has catalysed the enthusiasm of techies to getting certified. Indian software programmers are going for cloud certifications amidst COVID-19 lockdown, revealed a survey report from TechGig.

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Techies Know Cloud Certifications Help Boost Careers

Extensive understanding of a new-age technology appeared the most crucial reason for techies to take certifications. Also, freshers and new joiners are more interested in acquiring certifications than working professionals. Cloud technology – which is helping communication and remote working amid the present COVID-19 lockdown – is also the preferred option for upskilling for the Indian developers, notes TechGig. The preference for cloud came on top of other advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

“In today’s unique COVID-19 time, technology is the only string which is keeping the world together. From cloud computing, which is supporting work-from-home to artificial intelligence, which is backing banking, retail, and important sectors run operations. Besides, cloud computing is crucial for robotics that is helping the front-line hospital personnel; new-age technologies are assisting the globe to connect in the existing time. The TechGig survey shows the enthusiasm of Indian developers to upskill on these new-age technologies,” said Sanjay Goyal, Vice President & Head of Product and Technology at TechGig

Looking for people with cloud skills is a complex endeavour. Organisations these days are finding it very difficult to hire and retain cloud specialists, particularly in roles requiring advanced cloud skills and cloud architecture. Therefore, companies are giving due importance to both finding and creating the skills in-house so they do not face infrastructure challenges. Also, given the introduction of new services from the three major cloud platforms – Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and others, cloud training has to be constant so people can stay on top of the technology. Training providers are witnessing a surge in enrolment in their information technology training programmes, including emerging technologies like cloud and data science.

Cloud technology is one of the leading tech domains for upskilling among the techies and other technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing, getting the highest preference in terms of the need for upskilling. According to TechGig ‘IT Certification Survey,’ one of the most important findings was that 90% of the respondents revealed that they are planning to have an IT certification soon to support and boost their career prospects. That’s why the adoption of certification courses is on the rise.

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Why Cloud Skills Are Hot Among IT Workers

Cloud computing has risen to be the most sought-after skills set in the world for the last few years, and in particular, in 2020, companies are migrating their infrastructure and apps to cloud platforms. As a consequence, cloud jobs are also growing at a swift pace, making it one of the hottest fields in information technology. Now, with the demand for cloud experts, it has fuelled the need for niche skills, and IT professionals know that well.  

It is clear that IT professionals will not face any issue with employment opportunities if they are skilled in cloud technologies space, particularly for platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure. Consequently, learners are developing skills so they can grab the jobs as a cloud developer/administrator or system operators for cloud platforms after finishing their training programs. The platforms are utilised by thousands and thousands of businesses worldwide for hosting their products and services.

Cloud training courses will provide professionals with the opportunity to learn the best techniques and practices in cloud computing and acquire live feedback from an expert instructor. Training will help learners to take cloud certification exams from vendors- AWS, Azure or Oracle certifications to get recognised by hiring managers.

The upskilling is spread across advanced classroom training programs run by specialised institutes like Jigsaw Academy and Great Learning, etc, which have also witnessed a surge in demand for enrollment. Apart from training institutes, learners are also flocking to cheaper and/or free courses from cloud vendors or those found on Udemy. In fact, in a recent survey done by Analytics India Magazine, 76.9% of the analytics professionals are spending their time on training through self-learning.

While IT professionals not already working with cloud technologies will gain a solid foundation, those with some cloud experience will gain a more structured and hands-on understanding of cloud technologies, including issues such as migration, deployment, integration, platform choice, and architecture.

According to reports, COVID-19 pandemic has caused the desire to get certified, and professionals understand that certification is a need of the hour amid mass layoffs. DevOps, infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, automation, agile and software-defined networks are going to be critical for IT professionals to land these jobs. Some platforms are offering interesting courses for learners to build their cloud tech skills, including many free courses to build cloud tech skills.

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