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Why Post Graduate Programme in Leadership Through Analytics and Decision Sciences (L.E.A.D.) By TAPMI and Mu Sigma Is A Game-Changer

Why Post Graduate Programme in Leadership Through Analytics and Decision Sciences (L.E.A.D.) By TAPMI and Mu Sigma Is A Game-Changer

Richa Bhatia
TAPMI Mu Sigma

TAPMI Mu Sigma

As India Inc strives to become an analytics pioneer and builds on its success as an IT leader, there are several challenges the enterprises face. The analytics talent gap confronting Indian enterprises is an ecosystem problem which requires a comprehensive solution. Organisations are now shifting their mindset from traditional hiring to talent development for their innovation needs. 

On the employee end, we see the skills’ life shortening, which means that IT professionals will have to invest resources to re-align their current skill-set to stay employable. According to our recent study, a demand-supply gap exists with 97,000 analytics job openings available which are hard to fill. 

While there is no magic bullet for resolving the talent gap that exists, what’s required is a greater industry-academia collaboration to bridge the capability gap. Renowned educational institutes can function as talent bridge-makers and collaborate with industry stakeholders to create vertical depth and industry-ready talent. 

In line with the underlying mission to meet the skill needs, T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) and Mu Sigma have joined hands to bring an industry-relevant analytics and decision sciences 11-month programme for executives and IT professionals who are looking for insights on how to design and implement analytics strategy, build and organize analytics team and use data for driving a greater business impact. 

“TAPMI’s collaboration with Mu Sigma over this program is in keeping with its commitment towards the emerging areas in business, and with our recognition that “data” is at the centre of the ongoing industrial revolution. Over the next few years, Artificial Intelligence will be the backbone of the new world,” said Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director, TAPMI. 

According to Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Mu Sigma, “The rapidly changing, complex business landscape has created a need to re-learn and re-dream leadership. The reality is that the problem-space is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with it if you’re not in the world where these problems are happening. This implies that students must be trained on real problems in the industry ecosystem – this is the future of education.


The L.E.A.D program will create a powerful breed of future-ready leaders that can think in an interdisciplinary manner and continuously innovate at the intersection of Math, Business, Technology, Behavioral Science and Design Thinking.”

L.E.A.D – Leadership through Analytics and Decision Sciences has been co-created by Mu Sigma to build the next generation of data science leaders who can transform Fortune 500 companies through innovative problem-solving. The programme is the first-of-its-kind industry-academia partnership which provides a 5-month on-the-job training to the students with the potential of getting on-boarded to an accelerated career growth trajectory into leadership roles. 

Why You Should Sign Up For L.E.A.D ⁠— Programme Created By The Industry  

1) Industry-first programme: With the Data Science landscape getting disrupted by startups providing vertical solutions, companies are facing the challenge of staying relevant. To take advantage of the accelerating technology-driven change, organisations like Mu Sigma, a data analytics unicorn, are tapping into the talent base to build core capabilities for driving innovation. By leveraging the domain knowledge of a leading B-school TAPMI , Mu Sigma  is spawning a new generation of leaders in analytics and decision sciences. 

2) Immersive Learning Experience: The learning will take place in 3 phases with an induction at Mu Sigma Bangalore followed by leadership training at TAPMI in Manipal and an experiential real-world training in Bangalore. Note: most industry-edtech partnership programmes lack vertical depth and real-world immersions which are critical for helping students put data into action. 

3) Job Guarantee: Some of the most reputed B-schools in India lack a placement component and rely on their peer network and brand value for recruitment. L.E.A.D provides graduates a job in Mu Sigma after the successful completion of the programme. Graduates who meet the criteria will be offered job-offer of a Trainee Mu Sigma. The minimum starting compensation for a Trainee with 2-3 years of experience will be a cost-to-company of Rs. 9,00,000 plus performance-based pay.  Candidates with higher experience (of up to 6 years) will be considered for higher compensation based on their experience and performance.

4) Faculty & Industry Experts lead the programme: The programme combines the expertise of TAPMI faculty and Mu Sigma industry experts. The course will cover topics on emerging technologies – AI, machine learning, robotics and virtual reality and how it is applied in a variety of industry verticals like BFSI, Digital Strategy and Supply Chain. 

5) Career Growth at Mu Sigma: This is the first-of-its-kind programme that promises a career trajectory to candidates hired from the L.E.A.D programme.  The hired candidates will be entrusted with the responsibility of being Mu Sigma leaders in every sense of the word – they will be tasked with full ownership of business and revenue goals with Fortune 500 customers,  solve some of the most innovative and challenging problems for customers, and will work with the CEO and senior leadership to solve high-impact problems for the growth of Mu Sigma. 


Programme:  Post Graduate Programme in Leadership through Analytics and Decision Sciences (L.E.A.D.)

Duration: 11 months 

Delivery: On Campus – Mu Sigma (Bangalore) & TAPMI (Manipal) 

Eligibility: Graduate degree with not less than 50% marks in their undergrad and work experience of minimum 2 years and maximum 6 years

Fee: Rs 6 lakh (inclusive of GST) towards academic expenditure and accommodation.

Our View 

Organisations have realized they need to tap into the larger ecosystem to build talent pipeline for developing innovation capabilities. On the employee end, it isn’t just enough to get certified, the real value for executives and IT professionals lies in gaining an entry into a reputed data analytics firm. This industry programme can provide a perfect launchpad to professionals looking for a career in the data analytics industry. Unlike most online analytics programmes, this one comes with a definite job guarantee.


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