Why Should Developers Care About The Upcoming MLDS

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The second edition of Machine Learning Developer’s Summit (MLDS) is bigger and more technical than ever, with 50+ focused sessions, keynotes and workshops by some of the foremost minds from the machine learning field. The focus of MLDS 2020 will be on both the technical as well as the business aspect of this emerging technology — and that is what makes this noted summit stand out from others in the country. This year, MLDS is set to host one plenary keynote each day along with tech talks, knowledge talks and workshops which are highly technical in nature.

While MLDS promises to deliver the much-needed exposure to the machine learning and AI developer community with its content-rich approach, here are a few other reasons why developers should make the most of the summit. 


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A Chance To Present Papers

One of the major motivations to carry out research in any field is to be able to make a significant contribution to the field. MLDS intends to promote research in artificial intelligence and foster scientific exchange between researchers, practitioners, scientists, academicians and engineers in the field of AI and ML. MLDS 2020 is inviting submissions from the AI developers community to showcase interesting developments that they have made in the field. The abstract submission will close on Dec 6, 2019, whereas the final paper submission closes on Dec 27, 2019.

Conference Presentation And Journal Opportunities

Following a selection, the author will get a chance to present the paper in front of the esteemed audience and industry stalwarts. Not just that, a select set of top-rated papers may be nominated for fast track review at participating journals, including The Machine Learning Journal by Association of Data Scientists. Nominated authors will be invited to submit extended versions of their MLDS 2020 papers for fast-track consideration.

Get Recognised For Your Work With 40 Under 40 Data Scientists Award

This prestigious award recognises the leading data scientists in India who have done exceptional work in the field of data science and machine learning, and have been able to transform data into meaningful insights. The second edition of the award brings together the brightest leaders in the data science community in India and celebrate their achievements. The award is aimed at recognising the real innovators and achievers from the Indian developer community. The nominations for upcoming MLDS are open now can you can send your nominations here. 

Workshops And Tutorials

MLDS 2020 will also have thorough workshop sessions by industry experts and professionals working on AI and ML solutions first-hand. The industry-oriented workshops and sessions will cover the latest developments and research in the field of machine learning and AI, equipping attendees with the best practices. It will also host tutorials on the latest tools and technologies to keep them adept. 

Hands-On Learning With Latest Tools & Technologies

Having a hands-on exposure on the tools and technologies that are being discussed is probably one of the best things that a developer can ask for. MLDS 2020 provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments with real-time exposure to tools and technologies. 

Explore New Job Opportunities & Network

Nothing better than a platform to discover new avenues to learn and make a career in. With leading companies and AI professionals participating in the summit, MLDS 2020 provides an excellent opportunity to explore new job opportunities and meet like-minded people. It is also an excellent opportunity to network and build lasting connections with prominent machine learning researchers. 

Get A Deeper Insight Into New Innovations

MLDS 2020 is all about the opportunities for developers to learn something new or enhance their knowledge about topics that they have deep interests in. It is a platform to learn from the best of industry experts and discuss topics and ideas with people who have been working with specific technology for a while. 

Discussing The Challenges

MLDS 2020 provides a platform to share ideas, learn from each other and help each other grow. By collaborating with like-minded people, it gives an opportunity to discuss projects and challenges that you might be facing. It a platform for developers to express their interests and passion for a product or technology.

To know more about MLDS 2020, visit here

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