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Why The Rising 2021 Is A Must-Attend Conference For Women Data Scientists

Why The Rising 2021 Is A Must-Attend Conference For Women Data Scientists

  • Attendees can interact with the panellists directly through the chat boxes and also request speakers for a one-on-one session to clear doubts.

Analytics India Magazine’s The Rising 2021 is scheduled to be held on 22- 23 May 2021. The third edition of the conference will bring together women professionals in data science and analytics under one virtual roof.

The two-day virtual event will be a true learning experience for both early-stage and senior professionals and students. During the conference, the women luminaries in the field will shine a light on different aspects of data science and analytics and share their perspectives and visions on developing a career in this burgeoning field. The conference aspires to inspire women and help them develop leadership skills through a series of talks and informal sessions.

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In this article, we have listed reasons on why you should attend The Rising 2021.

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Meet the women leaders in data science

The Rising 2021 is an opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends and technologies evolving in data science from the stakeholders themselves. The conference will have a series of keynote speeches and workshops from some of the best minds in the field. The women heavyweights in the data science field will talk about their journeys and dilate on the inner workings of the industry for the benefit of the attendees.  

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A chance for networking

The Rising 2021 is a one-of-its-kind gathering of students, professionals and industry leaders in data science and analytics. The conference gives attendees a chance to rub shoulders with the giants in the industry. The Rising 2021 will also act as a bridge to connect students and early-stage professionals with top women leaders in the industry. The exposure will help budding data scientists in their professional development.

Career advice from experts

According to a Boston Consulting Group survey, just 15% to 22% of today’s data science professionals are women. The conference will host working professionals and women holding senior portfolios in big tech companies who will offer guidance on building a career in the field. The career advice and tips will help students plan better and learn relevant skills to land a rewarding job. Even working professionals at the start of their career or the mid-level shooting for a higher position can benefit from the informative sessions. 

Learn and showcase 

The conference will be a learning hub for data scientist aspirants and professionals eyeing a successful career. Moreover, the immersive sessions will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills. Participants can interact with the panellists directly through the chat boxes and request speakers for a one-on-one session to clear doubts.

“The Rising will see women visionaries sharing their perspectives on building a career in the data science field. The series of talks and information sessions are geared towards helping women develop leadership skills.”  

Analytics India Magazine is celebrating the importance of women in artificial intelligence, and The Rising 2021 conference will recognise the achievements of technology leaders who made an incredible impact in the tech community by developing AI solutions with its inaugural – Women in AI Leadership Awards 2021. Nominations are open.

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