Why VMware Acquired Nyansa

Nyansa Vmware Acquisition

Since the beginning of 2019, VMware has acquired nine companies including Pivotal, Avi Networks, Bitfusion, AetherPal, Carbon Black, Bitnami, Pivotal, Veriflow, and Uhana. Now, with the acquisition of Nyansa, it seems the cloud services vendor wants to enhance its AI and analytics prowess. Nyansa tools help companies in integrating the systems and derive insights from the different streams of network data. 

Nyansa deploys AIOps utilising artificial intelligence to automate the identification and resolution of information technology (IT) issues in real-time. It is estimated that VMware is looking to get its foot in the AIOps market with the acquisition given its services are also cloud vendor agnostic.

Nyansa is a proven solution which solves multiple shortcomings of today’s vendor-specific solutions, says the company’s management. Nyansa CEO Abe Ankumah expressed his excitement for the acquisition in a statement, saying that “Nyansa and VMware are perfectly aligned in technology, products, and culture.”

Nyansa Acquistion: The Importance Of AIOps

While enterprise network analytics solutions have existed for years, even with network analytics tools, organisations still require help comprehending what the data means and thus create action plans. In this context, AIOps is on the rising trend where each step of the analysis is optimised and automated for maximum efficiency in developing intent-based networking models, thus assisting IT teams to design and automatically make system changes based on the network data in an agile manner.  The real-time analysis of network data can help companies take the next phase, which is AIOps and self-healing automated networks, things where Nyansa also adds value for VMWare customers.

At the heart of the acquisition is Nyansa’s vendor-agnostic, AIOps platform, that can consolidate network telemetry from various hardware vendors into one dashboard, which gets rid of the requirement for proprietary monitoring solutions from other cloud vendors.

VMware- the cloud software and virtualisation giant says Nyansa’s technology will enable the company to deliver improved network visibility, monitoring, and remediation to its VeloCloud SD-WAN platform, making it easier for customers to operate and troubleshoot network disruptions, or application performance challenges. For VMware, the buyout of Nyansa would also extend end-to-end surveillance and troubleshooting abilities for both the LAN and WAN, said Sanjay Uppal, co-founder of VeloCloud and head of VMware’s SD-WAN.

Nyansa can also add value to VMWare in improving its IoT offering by analysing client issues and optimising application and network performance. 

IT AIOps: How Nyansa Has Risen To Prominence 

California-based Nyansa has an enterprise SaaS platform, Voyance, a cloud-based AI-enhanced network analytics platform, which manages, analyses and integrates a wide range of enterprise infrastructure data from devices, IP network services, communications systems, different networks and apps. 

The network analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider was started in 2013 by MIT PhDs and ever since then Nyansa’s technology has been used by thousands of customer production sites globally, covering and millions of devices including clients such as Uber, GE Healthcare, Tesla, and other prominent companies in the world.

The cloud-based, vendor-agnostic platform was created for highly-complex mobile network environments, to give cross-company data insights as well as benchmarking of network metrics and IT issues. Nyansa provides all the different tools required from a visibility standpoint so as to achieve full troubleshooting, all the way from the endpoint to WAN. 

According to Nyansa’s management, while there are a lot of vendors that use the word analytics, they don’t really perform analytics across the entire network. “We’re analysing every single client transaction on the network, then figuring out where to find and fix problems over that network — whether it’s a local Wi-Fi problem, DNS problems, or a WAN problem Point solution vendors merely look at a slither of the problem and make customers have to go out and find the rest,” stated Nyansa. 


In the same AIOps category, recently ServiceNow,  another American cloud computing company expressed its plan to buy Loom Systems, an Israeli AIOps organisation. The AIOps IT trend is rising primarily due to the fact that companies are fast adopting hybrid cloud architecture and connected devices, which makes it difficult to manage as compared to on-prem infrastructure. For IT managers, AIOps can help in a move from reactive to proactive network design that relies on integrating all the metrics and depends on real-time optimisation using AI/ML.


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