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Why We Celebrate World IoT Day On 9 April

Why We Celebrate World IoT Day On 9 April

The Internet of Things technology has had a heavy impact on the everyday lives of each one of us. April 9 has been chosen to celebrate the World IoT Day in memory of Mark Weiser, the father of ubiquitous computing, who is regarded as one of the true pioneers of the technology. He passed away exactly 20 years ago and the technology is celebrated on this day.

The day was first established as the World IoT Day by the IoT Council in the year 2010. It acts as an open invitation for the IoT community to recognise and celebrate the potential of IoT in our daily lives.

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The IoT Boom

India is among the top contributors to this change of IoT changing the phase of the technology. India has always been quick in adapting to the technology evolution around the globe. The IoT day initiative is a way to bring together leading thinkers, experts, agenda-setters and practitioners from across the IoT ecosystem to educate, mentor, debate, discuss, connect and ultimately inspire solutions for solving large problems using IoT as a base for the country. It is also a great opportunity for IoT entrepreneurs and startups in the IoT space to connect with investors and enterprises.

The attendees of such events comprise of Investment Community, Incubators and Accelerators, CIOs, CEOs and CTOs, IoT practitioners and experts as well as academic institutes. It provides a great chance to connect and celebrate IoT, where knowledge is shared by leading IoT practitioners and entrepreneurs.

The IoT market is expected to explode to $14.2 trillion by 2022, it’s going to be a major transformation.

IoT Influence In India

IoT technology has a lot of influence in India has well. With a Make in India campaign, many startups have the support that they need to build services with the technology. According to a report, the IoT market in India is poised to reach $15 billion by the year 2020 and this would account for nearly 5 percent of the total global IoT market.

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We have leading IoT solutions in the space of Healthcare today. Other areas such as smart homes using IoT is slowly taking up space in the market. Along with government initiatives, there are plenty of IoT Accelerator programs being initiated by companies in India for the startups. Nearly 120 firms offer solutions in the space and this shows that there is a great opportunity for further growth in IoT.

India has a huge market in IoT and it becomes important and relevant to celebrate the day. There are many events that are being organised as a part of IoT day celebration in India.

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