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Will Samsung’s Foldable Phones Change Torpedo The Market? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Will Samsung’s Foldable Phones Change Torpedo The Market? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Samsung had announced its foldable phone and India will get to see its first range of foldable phones by Samsung in 2019. Since the inception of the rumours around Samsung’s foldable phones, everyone has got curious about the ways in which this new range of phones will bring. Now only this week, Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy Fold.

It might seem that foldable phones are no big deal when it’s just the screen size is what is large. But in reality, many specifics go into this technology and it is meant to serve much more to its users. They come with a range of features and it makes complete sense for you to buy one.


How Are Foldable Phones Different?

Foldable phones come with a luxury of two screens together and having the compatibility of a single screen. It has two adjacent screens that connect and the hinges unfold like a book. One screen lies on top of the other, thereby condensing into a single package, making the appearance be seamless and elegant. You could use them as a normal phone while making called and expand them into a miniature tablet when watching a video or playing a mobile game. The phone brings to the world Samsung’s innovations over a period of eight years, following the debut of Samsung’s first flexible display prototype in 2011.

1.Multitasking: For a size as compact as a single screen phone, you have the luxury of a bigger screen. This will come with a number of uses like better video streaming and better gaming experience. You don’t even have to use the two screens for one purpose, but two different purposes. For example, you can watch two different videos on both the screens, or you could enhance your gaming experience by using one of the screens as a controller and the other the game video. You can also run different apps on both screens. Galaxy Fold introduces a new level of multitasking, allowing you to use other apps during a video call.

Senior Vice President of mobile and product marketing of Samsung, Justin Denison, at a Samsung developer conference, had said, “The display is the foundation for the smartphone of tomorrow.” When it’s open, it’s a tablet offering a big screen experience. When closed, it’s a phone and fits neatly inside your pocket,” he added.

2.Scrolling made easier: A double screen can make scrolling through that long list of data much easier, because you can see a lot of data at once, unlike single screen phones. It would make viewing important documents easier, and make the UI look cleaner. The scrolling feature could also apply to scroll through apps on the phone and make it easy.

3.Better camera: The ZTE Axon M’s 20-megapixel camera uses one screen to take your selfies and the other to take all your other shots. The camera faces you by default, and you’re prompted to flip the phone over to take “ear camera shots. Selfies taken by these phones could have a better resolution and look better in low-light backgrounds. That could be the case if the foldable phone gets rid of a dedicated selfie camera and uses one high-end lens for all your photo needs. The phone camera has six lenses, three in the back, two on the inside and one on the cover, letting you capture the desired image even when you are not holding the phone right.

Scrolling through the feeds of your favorite apps that an extra functionality of a second screen can add.

4.Dual battery: The phone has two batteries and the components are evenly distributed for the phone to feel balanced while carrying.

5.Better display: The device has the first ever Dynamic AMOLED screen. It claims to prevent eye strain by reducing blue light. The display is made up of new display materials. It has a new polymer layer and created a display of around 50% thinner than the ordinary smartphone display. This material makes the phone flexible, along with being tough. It also has its internal screen being able to not only bend but also fold.

6.Better sound: The Samsung phone has stereo experience because of which users will have a clear sound by AKG.

How Does It Work?

Samsung is also going to have the screen technology of Samsung called the Infinity Flex Display, which uses a polymer that is both flexible as well as tough. This means that it can keep its strength even when folded and unfolded a number of times. Samsung has combined this with a new adhesive that laminates the various display layers together to allow them to flex. There will also be an Active Window software that will allow this phone to display three apps at the same time.

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The Galaxy Fold is equipped with a high-powered AP chipset and 12GB RAM with PC-like performance. Using a Wireless PowerShare, it is capable of charging itself and a second device at the same time, while it is connected to a regular charger so you can leave the second charger home.


1.Heavy and bulky: A double screen phone will be heavier and bulkier even with a single screen opened. Even if the batteries are thin, the folded version of the phone will make it thicker and hence difficult to carry. For example, the Axon M foldable phone weighs 8.1 ounces (230 grams), most phones range from 5 ounces on the light side up to 7 ounces for a large, heavy device made of metal and glass.

2.Takes more power: Doubling up on display will add more power usage. Unless the companies plan to improve the battery life at large power drainage of the device will always be an issue.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

3.Expensive: Naturally, since the phone is so much larger, it will have double the components than the single screen phone and hence more the price. Even if the phone should ideally not cost as much as the best costliest phones in the market, since its size is double, it will have double the expense.

Concluding Note

It is very early to comment on how Samsung’s foldable phones will turn out to be among the Indian audiences. But Samsung has sure made a wave of excitement with the announcement of their new launch of the innovative foldable phones. These phones might be a technological revolution in the mobile phone market. This new technology of foldable phones is a portrayal of Samsung’s entire range of connected devices over the years. It is going to let its users have the functionality and luxury of applications that they did not have earlier.

The device is going to be available in the US in the second quarter of this year, through AT&T and T-Mobile. Suggested retail price for Galaxy Fold in the US starts at $1,980.00. Apart from the Galaxy Fold, Samsung will also bring the much-awaited Galaxy A50 to the Indian market.

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