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Wipro GE Healthcare Collaborates With IISc To Set Up AI Healthcare Innovation Lab

Wipro GE Healthcare Collaborates With IISc To Set Up AI Healthcare Innovation Lab

Commemorating 30 years in the country, Wipro GE Healthcare, in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science inaugurated the ‘WIPRO GE Healthcare – Computational and Data Sciences Collaborative Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence in Medical and Healthcare Imaging’, an advanced innovation and research centre. Stationed in the IISc Bangalore campus, the facility will be part of the Department of Computational and Data Sciences.

This innovation centre aims to provide sophisticated diagnostic medical image-reconstruction techniques and protocols for faster and better imaging using deep learning, artificial intelligence and future-ready interfaces.

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The first batch of 50 students of the facility mentored by three IISc faculty members will be working closely with clinicians and Wipro GE Healthcare to integrate computational models into clinical workflows to help doctors improve patient outcomes.

The IISc-GE collaboration will be working on light-weight deep learning models for classification and segmentation of COVID-19 lesions in lung ultrasound and CT images; deep learning models for improving and classifying spectral-domain optical coherence tomography images in ophthalmology; deep learning-based medical image reconstruction methods; and exploiting the structure of 3D volume data that necessitates fewer annotations, thereby reducing development time and annotation cost. 

Highlighting the importance of public-private partnerships and collaborative ecosystems of industry and academia to bring transformation in the digital technologies space, GE Healthcare Chief Technology Officer Dileep Mangsuli said, “This Healthcare Innovation Lab at IISc will help bring to market unique digital solutions which will get integrated into our Edison platform and intelligent devices, helping clinicians solve some of the toughest healthcare challenges.”

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In this direction, IISc will receive a one-time grant from Wipro GE Healthcare, from its CSR fund, which will be utilised towards equipping this lab with the necessary hardware and software tools such as state-of-the-art Deep Learning Servers, Advanced Visualisation Workstation, LED Monitors and software such as Pytorch, Tensor Flow, Keras and Pycharm.

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