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World’s Most Comprehensive Online Data Science Program: PGP Live

World’s Most Comprehensive Online Data Science Program: PGP Live

INSOFE has launched a unique Online Data Science Program –  PGP Live. With an unprecedented 1:10 Faculty to Student Ratio, the Program follows a Live pattern for the Lectures, Labs, Mentoring and Feedback for students.

INSOFE’s PGP programs are the most recognized graduate-level certifications in the world.  They are accepted as 50% of the required credits for 7 Masters programs and 1 graduate certification and qualifier requirement for 1 doctoral degree.  In addition, over 500 companies conduct interviews at INSOFE annually.

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PGP – Live is a 16 credit program that spans across 10 months with 405 hours of Live Sessions, 60 hours of model building bootcamp, 2 hackathons, 35 quizzes and 5 examinations.  The program has seven core technology modules, one core business module.  In addition, each student must pick two specialization tracks from the available 4 to complete graduation.

For those interested and are good at programming, you should consider PGP-Honours Live where in addition to data science, you learn to build automation software, scaling and deployment of machine learning applications.  You top it with a strong thesis in an advanced area of ML research.  INSOFE offers this program in association with IIT Ropar and CICE Carleton University.


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The students go through immersive bootcamps designed to sharpen programming skills and their application in solving Data Science challenges.


Hackathons are carefully designed by INSOFE experts to enable students to put the concepts and skills to use in a competitive setting. Hackathons are intended to provide hands-on experience, foster critical thinking, collaboration and time management.

In words of the Faculty and Mentors of INSOFE, PGP Live is a carefully crafted new age program with features that provide an unparalleled learning environment.

  • Fully Live Lecture Based Learning
  • 1:10 Faculty to Student ratio
  • Closely Monitored Sessions with Dedicated Mentorship
  • Easy and Quick Student Management (online tests, performances, hackathons, mentor feedback, final evaluation) Through SCT (Smart Classroom Tools)
  • India’s Best Career Support
  • Weekly Student Analytics Report Based on the Hackathons, Team Exercises and Quiz Competitions
  • Interactive Hands-on Sessions Through Case Studies

Dr Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, President and Co-Founder, INSOFE said “In today’s challenging environment where classroom education is not feasible, we sat together and designed an online virtual program that still involves all these aspects that matter to us in providing the right kind of education.

“We put together an online program that involves as much of interaction as a classroom program, as much of guidance and as small groups as a classroom education platform. So in this time where we are all confined to our homes, you still can utilize this time to get that same quality of classroom learning that INSOFE is always known for and use that to transform yourself into a world-class Data Scientist.”

Dr Sridhar Pappu, Executive VP Academics and Co-Founder, INSOFE added saying “The PGP Live program offers, Live lectures by accomplished professors of INSOFE, Live Labs where we use tools to have the assignment done in real-time with an automatic grading system, in addition, we have live mentoring where every week a data scientist will have a reserved slot for a student and for a small group of students after each module of the course, PGP Live brings the effectivity of a classroom program to online learning.

The program is open for any graduate who has a penchant for mathematics and statistics with fair Academic records and good communication skills. Students will have to clear the INSOFE Online Examination to be able to get an admission into the program. The candidates with a good academic record and good Online Exam Score stand a chance to win scholarships ranging from INR 5,000 to INR 40,000.

INSOFE believes that there is no good time for the right thing to be done and therefore have launched PGP Live for the students to make the best during the lockdown.

The details of the program are as under:

Batch Start Date: 16th April 2020

For More Details on the Program click on the link below:

PGP in Data Science Live

Watch the highlights of PGP Live program here:

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