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Xiaomi India Provides Lakhs Of N95 Masks To Fight Against COVID-19

Xiaomi India Provides Lakhs Of N95 Masks To Fight Against COVID-19

Ambika Choudhury

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In a recent post, Vice President and Managing Director of Xiaomi India stated that the Chinese handset giant has imported lakhs of N95 masks and protective suits to India due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. 

The Chinese giant will be working with all the government authorities to donate the masks and protective suits. Also, across all Mi Homes, the company has also activated ‘Delivery on Call’ service which allows users to call up their closest Mi Home and order their favourite smartphone for home delivery. 

According to Jain, the masks will be donated across state governments such as Karnataka, Punjab and Delhi government, government hospitals and state police starting this week. While the hazmat suits will be provided to the doctors across a few government hospitals like AIIMS, St. Johns.

 Xiaomi India has been taking several measures of precaution such as curtailing business travel and external meetings, ensuring employees and all partners wear masks in public and keep their hands clean and sanitized. The company has also implemented work from home for employees in offices and encourages maintaining social distance for all employees.

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Across all the 2000+ Authorized service centres, the company is taking social distancing measures and only appointments via online token system will be allowed, ensuring no more than 4 customers in the service centers at any point and all devices are sanitized. 

Manu Jain said, “At Xiaomi, the health and well being of our employees, users, Mi Fans and business partners are of utmost importance. I am encouraging all of you to wash your hands routinely, use sanitizers, eat nutritious food, try to stay active with indoor fitness routines, get enough rest, and make sure your home and surroundings are regularly sanitized.”

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