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You Can Now Practice Machine Learning Skills On All-New MachineHack Platform

You Can Now Practice Machine Learning Skills On All-New MachineHack Platform

You Can Now Practice Machine Learning Skills On All-New MachineHack Platform

MachineHack has launched a ‘Practice’ section on their all-new website for beginners to advance their machine learning skills.

This news followed the recent announcement of MachineHack’s revamped website, which is currently offering an entirely new interface with improved features and robust user experience to the participants. And, with this new ‘Practice’ section on the website, beginners will now be able to put their skills in practice before participating in the highly intense MachineHack hackathons.

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Conceptualised in 2018, MachineHack is an engaging online platform that offers best-in-class hackathons for data scientists and ML practitioners to participate and elevate their skills to newer heights. Currently, the platform accommodates 20,000 data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts, who are participating daily to solve some of the most challenging real-world problems.

While the revamped website will allow aficionados to participate and engulf themselves in near real-life business use cases, the brand new ‘Practice’ section will allow current as well as future data scientists to try their hands on some interesting machine learning tools.

Hosted by Analytics India Magazine, MachineHack platform has always aimed to become the most engaging hackathon platform for the participants; and with its new, improved features, it is not only engaging but faster, extremely robust and hosts the best hackathons on data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Some of the advantages of practicing hackathons:

Getting hands-on experience: With the new practice tab on the website, novice data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts can try and experiment with practice hackathons which are designed with beginners’ level of difficulty.

Advance skills for real hackathons: By participating in these practice competitions, not only participants can test their level of knowledge but can also advance their skill sets to the next level.

Creating an innovation mindset: Considering, innovation is the key to success, practising hackathons will enable design thinking and a mindset of innovation among participants.  

While the platform has recently been revamped, it is continuously adding more features for data scientists and ML practitioners to hone their skills on one of the most engaging hackathon platforms. The platform currently has more than 25 hackathons, and it comes up with a new hackathon every weekend for one to compete. 

Remember: Practice makes perfect, so before you try competing with some of the best minds in the industry, don’t forget to have a trial run.

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