You Say, We Write

Like our content, but want more? We, at Analytics India Magazine, believe good ideas are everywhere, and can come from anyone - we just have to be receptive to them. As we continue to direct our editorial focus on giving new insights and fresh perspectives, we want to announce an initiative that seeks to benefit our most important stakeholders - you!

We invite you to submit your ideas and have them developed into stories by our talented editorial staff. Each submission will be reviewed by a moderator, and may be chosen to be published on AIM.

Updating Live

Why We Are Starting This

Traveling through nearly a decade of well-researched, detailed and extensive reportage, AIM wants to deliver more value to its readers and further engage them as it looks to grow the breadth of its coverage.

If you are passionate about being in the precipice of analytics and technology, and contributing to its dissemination, do write to us. We are constantly looking for compelling story ideas – and whether you are an expert, an amateur, a researcher, an entrepreneur or even an enthusiast – we want to hear from you.

How To Submit Story Ideas

Readers come to us not only to stay on top of the latest developments in the field of analytics and technology, but also to get fresh perspectives on issues and for the diversity of experience that is hosted here. Our content takes various forms – text, video, image and audio – all with the common goal of keeping content effective.

As we chronicle the technological progress in the space of analytics, artificial intelligence, data science and big data, we invite you to share your ideas with us and see them translated into stories.