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Zee5 Partners With Appier To Implement New AI-Powered Marketing Automation Platform AIQUA

Zee5 Partners With Appier To Implement New AI-Powered Marketing Automation Platform AIQUA


Noted Indian OTT platform Zee5 this week announced its collaboration with Appier to implement its proactive marketing automation platform AIQUA in order to enhance the push notification feature.

Appier explained in a statement that Zee5 wanted to convey the ‘popular show’ and the following shows in one single notification, in order to provide users with multiple engagement options and have them hooked for a longer time. However, simple text-based notifications were not sufficient, because the text required to convey multiple shows needed to be trimmed due to limited space.

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Zee5 turned to Appier to enhance its push notification by using two of AIQUA’s unique creative formats – image preview and carousel formats.

  • On the lock screen, Zee5’s notification now displayed an image preview of the popular show and the following shows. This rich preview ensured Zee5’s notification stood out on the user’s lock screen
  • In the expanded state, the notification is transformed into a beautiful carousel notification with the same content in a larger size
  • To increase the visual impact of the notification, Zee5 was able to use AIQUA’s Creative Studio to customize the text and the background colour

Vani Dixit, the head of customer lifecycle management at Zee5 India, told a news portal, “…We are always looking for partners with disruptive technology to help us achieve this. To engage with and stay relevant to our customers, we need to leverage data efficiently using AI to better understand and reach them at times when they are most likely to take action. With Appier we reimagined how we make consumers’ content viewing experience hyper-personalised. As India’s largest producer of original content, it is our endeavour to make the consumer’s journey on to the ZEE5 platform intuitive and provide them with a seamless content viewing experience.”

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