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10 leading Analytics Accelerators/Incubators in India

10 leading Analytics Accelerators/Incubators in India


A start-up in its early years needs a lot of resources and mentoring in order to be successful. The initial phase builds the strong base on which the future is to be built. And accelerators/incubators are just the right entities who hand-hold in those early shaky moments to make a start-up, a successful company. Analytics is seeing the advent of start-ups in various verticals and hence these accelerators have evolved to mentor and provide guidance to start-ups evolving in one of the fastest growing industry- Analytics.

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Analytics India Magazine lists down ‘10 leading Analytics Accelerators/Incubators in India’ for all the budding analytics start-ups.


5 ideas

5 ideas is an accelerator that fuels India’s tech start-ups. To accelerate the performance of the start-ups, 5 5ideasideas provides them with human capital, financial capital and social capital. They bring 30+ years of operating experience and capabilities to support founders in scaling their startups. This accelerator provides investment starting from Rs 25lakh (USD 50K) to Rs 15crore (USD 300K) and if required they could go up to Rs. 25crore (USD 500k) in follow-up rounds usually pre series A.

Capgemini Analytics Accelerator

The Capgemini Analytics Accelerator is an 8-week program delivering immediate analytics value to the start-ups. It is supported by a vision and roadmap for driving long term value from the business. This accelerator capgemini_logo_big works with organizations to develop a prioritized list of analytical opportunities and their benefits, creates working analytical proof of concepts that are tailored to their needs. And then with a clear vision model and future roadmap, the accelerator provides a clear operating model and plan that will help drive value from analytics.


IIIT H – Foundation Accelerator

IIIT H Foundation has an accelerator program named Avishkar. Avishkar is aimed towards start-ups in theavishkar areas of AI, IA, and AR/VR. They help the start-ups with seed money of 10 to 20 lakhs INR in the form of convertible notes and a 6 month customized program to suit their needs. This accelerator provides support in terms of connections with potential customers, investors and industry for start-ups to grow and prosper their businesses.

Jaarvis Accelerator

Jaarvis Accelerator focuses on early stage technology based startups and helps them rapidly build a jaarvissustainable business. Their objective is to ensure that the entrepreneurial idea is converted into a fundable proposition in the shortest possible period of time. Jaarvis offers a four-month residential accelerator program which is developed by seasoned entrepreneurs for help startups develop, build and grow their business. Jaarvis guides the start-ups and provides concrete plans for development, marketing and customer acquisition.


Microsoft Accelerator

Microsoft Accelerator is a global initiative empowering entrepreneurs around the world. They work with microsoft-accelerator-1later-stage startups and provide them the necessary tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise that they require to become successful. Microsoft Accelerator offers a 4-6-month tailor-made program for later-stage startups looking to go beyond the development of their product by scaling their business. They provide the support and resources necessary to build a sustainable company and to achieve scaling up of every aspect of the business.


Pitney Bowes India Accelerator

Pitney Bowes India Accelerator offers a six month program starting in April and October every year to the pitney start-ups in the areas of analytics, big data analytics, M2M platform and services, Data Integration & Master Data Management etc. This accelerator provides all the infrastructure needed by start-ups from office space to cloud credits to testing devices. They also offer technical & business mentorship, product management, branding, marketing, and legal support.


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Societe Generale Global Solution Center

SG GSC’s Catalyst program has two aspects – guidance & mentorship from subject matter experts from SG societe-generale-global-solution-centre-squarelogo-1389412646532 GSC and the ability for startups to test, enhance and scale their product or existing solution against real business scenarios using the in-house infrastructure. In April 2016, the CATALYST accelerator program was launched to leverage the rich ecosystem of Indian startups. Out of thirty applications, eight startups based out of Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai were handpicked by SG GSC, to co-create some disruptive solutions addressing real life business challenges.

The Hive

The Hive is a vehicle to fund and launch innovation in the area of data analytics. It supports entrepreneurs  and start-ups that are seeking capital, qualified guidance and high level mentorship. They hive-horizontal-logofunction as equity partners rather than financial investors and participate significantly in the evolution of the enterprise. The Hive India also hosts periodic talks and panel discussions to share knowledge and bring together experts and visionaries from academia and the industry.


Z Nation Lab Accelerator

Z Nation Lab Accelerator program enables startups in scaling up globally with the focus on India – US zCorridor. This accelerator not only invests seed capital but also provides strategic and technological support to the start-ups to help them accelerate in the right direction and take them to the next level. They provide startups with a world class ecosystem at their collaborative work space in Mumbai and affiliate centers in Pune, Udaipur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Indore. Also partnerships and connects help the Indian start-ups in accelerating their growth.


Zone Start-ups India

Zone Startups India is a technology accelerator. It is a collaboration between BSE Institute (a subsidiary of zone_startupthe Bombay Stock Exchange) and Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone (incubator). Zone Startups India offers State of the art work space, Mentorship – Functional, Business Experts & Industry Panel, Market Development & Business Development Support, Networking & Branding opportunities, Funding Opportunity, Access to North American market and Peer-to-Peer mentoring.


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