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Endless Origins

Explore the vibrant nexus of data science, AI, and human ingenuity in this realm of endless possibilities.

When Apple Meets OpenAI 

Prior to the introduction of ChatGPT’s voice assistant, Apple’s Siri held the position as the go-to tool for voice commands.

The OpenAI Corner

The Mahabharat of OpenAI

If the people associated with the recent OpenAI fiasco could be compared with the characters from epic Mahabharat, who would

Quixotic Intellectuals

Celebrating unorthodox thinkers and visionary trailblazers who reshape our world with their insatiable curiosity and passion for innovation.


Top AI Acquisitions of 2023

In a strategic move to bolster AI capabilities and expand market reach, major companies made significant AI acquisitions in 2023.

Edge of Innovation

Our boldest stories, spotlighting trailblazing technologies, audacious discoveries, and creative visionaries.

Mystery Vault

Unravel enigmatic tales, solve data-driven puzzles, and uncover hidden knowledge in this captivating corner