Open Analytics Job Requirements in India

The chart gives daily open job advertised in India. These are across the sectors, industries and profiles. The numbers are breaching their lowest in April since Dec last year.

How Does Project Management In Data Science Look Like?

project management

As data science proceeds to evolve and become even more blended with operation systems, the role of data science product manager is growing significantly. But, often the same work that is going into one data science product (within an enterprise) may also have another use case for a separate business department.  There is a space…

Is Elon Musk Capable Of Building Cyborgs?

Is Elon Musk Capable Of Building Cyborgs?

With the recent tweet on Neuralink, Elon Musk again hit the headlines this week where he stated that the company is going to update on the progress of this mysterious company in the coming month. In fact, the last major update came from this brain-machine interface company last year around the same time, where he…

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