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A Day In The Life Of | Part Poet & Part Scientist, This Young Data Analyst Can Juggle It All

A Day In The Life Of | Part Poet & Part Scientist, This Young Data Analyst Can Juggle It All

Being a data scientist with one of the leading private banks in India can be a challenging job, especially when the competition is stiff as competitors are trying to woo more customers each day.


For this week’s ‘Day In The Life Of’ series, we caught up with Anisha Gulati, a young data scientist professional at Yes Bank. Gulati spoke to us about her life outside the professional circle, how she unwinds and most importantly, the best part about the job that keeps her motivated to be at the office dot on time each day.

Unlike other data scientists, Gulati is also very socially active, just like any other youth these days and balances her work and social life quite efficiently. As much as she is driven to better herself in her work, Gulati belongs to the generation which believes in not restricting oneself to the four walls of their offices. So, if you happen to see her at an open mic during the weekend, reciting an evocative poem, don’t be surprised, as this data scientist can juggle it all.

For Gulati, a working day begins at eight in the morning, and before heading to the office each day, she makes it a point to catch up with her parents and then take her dog for a quick stroll. Her work hour as stretches from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm and depending on the deliverables and work priority, it could extend a bit more.

However, during office hours, the work-mode in on and she has to deal with a large pool of data on a daily basis. As a data analyst at Yes Bank, her work primarily is to conceptualise problems that could arise and then find a solution to it. “My work primarily is to conceptualise the problem and create an end-to-end solution with the help of my team. Ideating the business problem, finalising the approach to solve the problem, data understanding and clean up, researching the best algorithm to use, coding the solution, validating the results is what I do,” Gulati says giving us a glimpse into her responsibilities.

Since most weekdays are jam-packed, thanks to work, Gulati reveals she hardly gets any time to pursue her passion during weekdays. Weekends for her is the only respite to just go with the flow, “It gets difficult to pursue hobbies on the weekday, though some days I go for a work out in the morning. However, I pursue poetry and participate in open mic events on weekends,” says Gulati who is also an avid foodie and music-lover.

Asked isf her work could get a little mundane, she is quick to point out that the only thing boring involving her work is to wait for the code to run and display the results. Otherwise, she is all praise for her office and work, “I am learning a lot more at this work and this is the best part. We explore various techniques that can be used to offer a solution. In that process, one gets to learn all possible techniques one can use, and decide on the most optimum one,” says Gulati who prefers to catch up with her colleagues over Friday lunches.

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Currently, she is involved in a project to classify the transactions that a customer makes, “This to build a more personalised experience for the customer. Another project that I am involved is to identify the patterns in a customers’ transaction and offer them the next best service or product based on their behaviour,” she adds.

To the question of future her plans, her reply was short and crisp, “Professionally, I want to understand various nuances of data analytics, successfully complete the projects I am working on and see them go live. Personally, I wish to develop my writing skills and increase participation in various literary events,” she concludes.


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