With AI powered Cloud Platform And Apps, Oracle Is Boosting Its Rich Portfolio of Intelligent Apps


Hillsboro, United States- August 29, 2009: This image shows a red airplane advertising Oracle in mid air, performing aerobatic maneuvers at the Oregon International airshow.

It wasn’t long back when Oracle unveiled its AI platform Cloud Service and AI-powered apps at Oracle’s OpenWorld, which promises to make it easier to integrate machine learning solutions into enterprises. The AI platform Cloud Service comes as a blessing for companies as they can tap into deep learning capabilities to better understand enterprise data and transform corporate business processes and user experience.

“AI has the power to be more transformative for the enterprise than any other technology in recent history,” said Amit Zavery, senior vice president, product development, Oracle Cloud Platform.

What would Oracle’s AI-powered cloud change?

With Oracle AI platform Cloud Service that runs on world-class Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, developers and data scientists can rapidly set up a secure and scalable environment for new deep learning models in the cloud, making it easier for researchers to perform AI based work. “Only Oracle can deliver a pervasive approach to AI, embedding AI into its applications, providing an AI development environment coupled with a world-class infrastructure to run specialised workloads”, said the company on its blogpost.

The tech giant believes that the entire process of setting up a complete environment for work on advanced machine learning can be quite daunting, and so with the launch of AI-powered cloud, Oracle intends to make it quick and easy for developers and data scientists to set up a secure and scalable environment for new deep learning models in the cloud.

The company stated that Oracle AI Platform Cloud instances would come preinstalled with familiar AI libraries, tools and deep learning frameworks. Some of the deep learning frameworks available are Caffe, Jupyter Notebook, Keras, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, NymPy, amongst others.

“Oracle is in a unique position to deliver AI across all layers of the cloud, empowering customers to uncover and unlock critical business patterns in their enterprise data to transform organizational productivity, efficiency, and insight”, said Zavery.

The company explained that once the machine-learning models are trained, developers can access Oracle’s rich set of PaaS services to include them in AI-powered applications.

Features of Oracle’s AI platform Cloud Service:

The new AI platform promises an extreme performance which is evident from the differentiated infrastructure layer including NVMe flash storage that it boasts along with best-in-class GPUs on a 25 Gigabit network. It includes a GPU Bare-Metal Shape: 2x Tesla P100 GPUs based on Nvidia’s Pascal Architecture, and will soon support the new Volta GPUs with up to 8 GPUs.

The company claims its performance to be 2.4X better than the closest AWS equivalent.

The AI infused apps by Oracle:

Apart from the AI platform Cloud Service, Oracle announced new AI-based apps for various sectors such as finance, human resources, manufacturing, customer service, marketing, sales and other portfolios. The all-new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent apps are powered by insights from the Oracle Data Cloud and delivers industry’s most powerful AI based modern business applications.

“The new Adaptive Intelligent Apps enable business users from across the organizations to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence,” said Steve Miranda, executive vice president of applications development, Oracle. The company has made this possible by eliminating the need for more integrations and embedded AI capabilities across Oracle Cloud Applications.

“The new AI capabilities combine first- and third-party data with advanced machine learning and sophisticated decision science to deliver the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications,” he added.

The new Adaptive Intelligent Apps have the ability to learn, react and adapt in real time. It does so by applying advanced data science and machine learning to Oracle’s web-scale data and organization’s own data.

For instance, the AI apps intend to transform various sectors in the following ways:

  • In finance and procurement professionals, new AI-powered capabilities can help streamline financial processes by analyzing historical data. It can also reduce costs, modernize operations, and enhance collaboration.
  • In HR, it can help improve talent management, by applying natural language search and deep learning technologies to resumes and job postings.
  • AI in the supply chain will make use of predictive analytics machine learning techniques to detect and analyse key signals in device data, and then to act on these insights.

On a concluding note:

There is no denying that there is a substantial opportunity for artificial intelligence and AI enabled applications, which Oracle is venturing on quite efficiently. The company’s belief in the technology is quite evident with the fast pacing developments that it is announcing in the space. It has already been using AI in its SaaS, PaaS and IoT services to improve user experience and productivity, and with AI-powered apps and cloud platform, it has further made a mark in its extravagant AI portfolio.

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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