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Alexa The New Love Guru Can Take Out Unpredictability In Relationships

Alexa The New Love Guru Can Take Out Unpredictability In Relationships

Harshajit Sarmah

Given the pace at which technology is evolving, the day is not so far when robots will be taking over the world. From Siri to Alexa to Cimon, artificial intelligence has reached a whole new level of advancement over the past few years.

According to a recent report, by 2021, digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home may be able to predict our love lives — these devices will be able to tell us whether our relationship or marriage is doomed and the results will be with 75% accuracy rate. Also, it is prophesied that by 2025, by combining genetic coding with information from activity trackers, these devices will be able to tell us about the sexual chemistry between partners. Feels they are getting a bit more personal on lives? But, as per the report, it may be a reality.

Alexa To The Rescue

Over the past few years, the dating industry has evolved drastically, and the competition between different dating platforms has intensified with dating apps being beefed up with AI/ML capabilities. And with Alexa getting into the play, the competition is only getting tougher. Whether you talk about Tinder or Bumble, it seems dating platforms are on a spree to make “dating” an easy-peasy thing.

The question here is how a small looking device such as Echo Dot and Google Home that follows our instruction is going to work as a relationship guru. Being an AI-powered device, Alexa will listen to the conversations and come up with predictions about your relationship status. That’s is not all, another feature that sounds amazing is that if a couple gets into an argument, the device will provide suggestions and ways to settle things. Basically, it will have the capability to point out at which point of the conversation with a partner or match is proving ineffective or fizzling out.

India #Represent

With AI wending its way into the dating industry, the days of swiping seem to be far behind. Two of the new players that are actively using the predictive skills of AI and ML for matchmaking are Betterhalf.AI and Truematch. Recently, these India-based platforms have gained popularity in the industry and soon, they will probably be a household name when it comes to dating.

Betterhallf.AI: Unlike any other dating platform, Betterhalf.AI does things in a different way. The platform uses machine learning and AI and shows verified matches working at companies through true compatibility scores that are based on relationship dimensions and their interactions on the product.

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Truematch: When thinking of dating apps, casual flings is the usual perception, however, with Truematch this is not true. Truematch is a cross between casual dating and matrimony. Using AI, Truematch’s search engine uses to learn about user preferences and suggest better results.


We are moving towards an era where “love” will no more be a thing that connects hearts, but will be something that involves data, where a robot analyses the data and recommend matches. Today, the reality is, AI has moved beyond suggesting movies on Netflix and suggesting songs on Soundcloud. It is removing unpredictability from love and making it easier and more frequent for people.

Dating is a massive market at present and with the advent of AI in the dating industry, new platforms start to enter the space and the existing platforms will definitely change the way they used to work. The day is not so far when you will have a Siri-style dating app and all you need to do is ask the app for matches and it will come up matches nearby.

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