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Analytics India Magazine Launches Student Ambassador Programme To Boost Data Science Ecosystem On Indian Campuses

Analytics India Magazine Launches Student Ambassador Programme To Boost Data Science Ecosystem On Indian Campuses

We at Analytics India Magazine, care deeply about the health of overall analytics ecosystem in India. Indian campuses, institutes & universities are the first steps towards building a robust data science talent. We believe that a strong presence of data science culture at the very ground level would ensure that the industry receives the right talent that it demands, which eventually leads to a healthy overall ecosystem.

We are therefore launching our Campus ambassador program and inviting applications from studying data science aspirants to represent us at their campuses. There are two-pronged goals that we want to achieve with this initiative. Firstly, data science talent has to be nurtured at the undergraduate level. There is a lot of interest in machine learning & data science at various campuses and just showing aspirants a right path can go a long way into developing the right talent that can be absorbed eventually in the industry.

Secondly, there's some great talent that brewing in Indian campuses and this initiative aims to identify them early.  We wish to solicit support from the industry. We quite often talk about the dearth of talent but put in little to no effort in eradicating this issue.

About The Programme:

To make sure that the young enthusiasts and the upcoming generation are well-equipped to adapt New Tech seamlessly, we are launching the Student Ambassador Program to empower young talent across the country. We want you guys to become evangelists in the field of data science. [To apply, click here.]

Students for this programme would be selected from across universities and colleges to be the data science leaders on their campuses. These young leaders will then work closely with the AIM team as well as industry insiders.

This program aims at developing students’ skills in digital marketing and data science by giving them an opportunity to work with seasoned professionals at Analytics India Magazine. Basically, provide exposure to the best talent on campus and give them an introduction to the world of data science.

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The campus ambassador program lasts for one year and the selected students lead campus initiatives and become thought leaders in the field of data science. AIM hosts Cypher, India’s largest and most exciting data science and analytics summit. A platform to network and learn from the leading thought leaders, companies and startups in analytics, data science and artificial intelligence disciplines. The ambassadors will have an opportunity to win free tickets to the event and interact with industry leaders directly.

As part of the programme, the selected students will:

  1. Have opportunity to represent Analytics India Magazine on your campus and events.
  2. Win amazing goodies, gadgets and swag packs.
  3. Get awesome discounts on all Analytics India Magazine events.
  4. Top Ambassadors will get a free entry to Cypher.
  5. Get letters of recommendation as appreciation for the exceptional performance.
  6. Opportunity to collaborate and work with ambassadors across the country.

Your responsibilities would include :

  1. Work with the social media team at Analytics India Magazine to inspire more young minds on your campus to learn about New Tech.
  2. Conduct AIM workshops on your campus.
  3. Write about data science and analytics and get an opportunity to publish your article on Analytics India Magazine.
  4. Create an exciting data science ecosystem on your campus and get more students involved.
  5. Help us to integrate Analytics India Magazine into events and fests in your college.
  6. Encourage more bright students to participate in MachineHack and bring out the best machine learning talent on your campus.

Apply and Let your journey begin!

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