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Building a national digital empire with Reliance Jio’s big data push?

Building a national digital empire with Reliance Jio’s big data push?

Srishti Deoras
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The oil drilling giant veered off to data mining not too long back as the richest man in the country has come up with its latest venture of Reliance Jio- a cluster of ideas- which definitely is one of its kind. Apart from giving a tough competition to its contemporaries, it has dragged itself up to the field of digital trackers. The breath-taking offers by Jio is all set to make itself the most competitive provider of telecom and internet across India.

What importance does this bring to the analytics picturesque? The comment by Ambani that for Reliance, data is the new oil in this digital world, and intelligent data is the new petrol quite evidently speaks of the company’s vested interest on big data and analytics.

And with Jio, they are doing just that! It might give the company an unprecedented access to the country’s untapped big data on how the millions of population shop, eat and have fun. Speaking about abundance as the global trend, Ambani also added that with millions of songs, videos and content available anytime and anywhere, it would make intelligent analytics a need of the hour.

That’s not all, with $20 billion the company has plans to build a national digital empire stretching from phones and hardware to custom-made apps.

Though the company has not clearly talked about the how it plans to reap out the benefits from the wide scale of data that it might collect, but the top executives haven’t denied the opportunity that remains untapped beneath the huge data. One thing that’s for sure is that the company plans to explore data mining with the humongous customer data that it collects. “Deep Packet Inspection” as it might be called, wherein the packets of data created by computers would be mined for information.

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Given the boom that the country has witnessed in the smartphone users, launching up Jio might prove a landmark step in engaging more people in day to day activities like bill payments and online entertainment.

And by offering devices with good enough specifications, free connections and unlimited data for three-month duration, it clearly aims on reaching out to those users who have not been on the mobile internet zone till now.

Contributing it’s bit to digital India, Reliance Jio is definitely set to prove how data is the oxygen of the digital era!

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