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Busting Myths of Cloud.

Busting Myths of Cloud.

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IBM Cloud Private provides the elasticity of cloud environment in addition to better control and security of dedicated resources within the enterprise firewall. In simple terms, Private Cloud is like a fenced-in backyard with a gate to one’s surrounding properties and public spaces.  Many Enterprises have understood the value of IBM Private Cloud immediately and have adopted it.  However, there are some myths regarding Private Cloud technology which have to be busted for those who are yet to finalize their Cloud Adoption Model. This article helps to clarify four of those common misunderstandings about Private Cloud.

Organizations need to choose between public and private cloud:

Different customers need different Cloud solutions based on varying requirement of security and volume of their workloads. Sometimes, a single Customer might need different cloud solutions for their individual application workloads. With IBM Cloud Private, Businesses can choose a private cloud to keep sensitive workloads behind the firewall while also taking advantages of both public cloud and on-premise solutions for other business needs. Through this hybrid Cloud Model, Enterprise can reap the benefits of multiple approaches and integrate them smoothly. In addition, organizations can also start with one deployment model and move to another model as their business needs change.

Private cloud means no shared infrastructure:

The basic premise of private cloud is that the customer should have a high level of control over the configurations and security of the entire environment – from infrastructure to data to applications. Customer may choose to manage the infrastructure themselves or outsource that management.  For example, IBM has a VMware solution that runs an IaaS based private cloud on a shared infrastructure, while IBM Cloud Private is a PaaS solution which runs on the client’s infrastructure. Both the approaches are considered private cloud as the client maintains privacy and control.

Private cloud sacrifices flexibility:

IBM Cloud Private allows clients to use a combination of open source resources, IBM tools and their own applications. Hence IBM Cloud Private is the right cloud solution for protecting data, managing existing investments, meeting regulatory requirements and building cloud-native apps using popular industry services.  Thus private cloud is an extremely flexible option with IBM Cloud Private.

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Cloud adoption means losing existing investments:

Many managers have concerns about losing their existing technology investment if their applications have to be migrated to cloud.  A right cloud solution should tackle this issue by adopting a suitable cloud migration rate which makes sense for their business.  In case of IBM Cloud Private, the platform includes middleware solutions such as MQ and Db2 running on x86 or Power Systems to help customers take advantage of cloud benefits without losing existing investments in software, HW systems, and skill sets. IBM Cloud Private helps managers to modernize their applications and operational processes onto the cloud while still running on the earlier IBM middleware platforms. Hence IBM cloud Private is the perfect balance for enterprises.

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