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Deep Dive: How This Bangalore Startup Gamifies Quizzes & Uses AI/ML To Understand Learning Patterns

Deep Dive: How This Bangalore Startup Gamifies Quizzes & Uses AI/ML To Understand Learning Patterns

The evolution of e-learning has changed the face of modern education. With the advancement in technology and the education sector, it has given a number of students from the remotest part of the country access to quality teaching and engaging content. 

Noticing a huge gap in the delivery of quality education, the founders of Bangalore-based Vedantu decided to step into this space. To understand how Vedantu is using the latest technologies for its strategy of online tutoring platform, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Pulkit Jain, co-founder and product head of Vedantu, for our weekly Deep Dive column.

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Founded by Pulkit Jain, Anand Prakash, and Vamsi Krishna, Vedantu is a live online learning platform which enables personalised learning. At Vedantu teachers interact with students through a 2- way interactive whiteboard, which acts as a bridge to share live audio and video feed. The platform delivers quality education with cutting edge technology which brings India’s teachers and students together in a live interactive e-classroom. At Vedantu, 15 million students from 1,000+ countries around the globe learn on the platform, moreover, every student spends at least 2 hours of learning live.

Use of AI and ML

Last year, the platform launched an in-house product known as W.A.V.E uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to personalise teaching and learning for each and every child and is designed to make live classes extremely interactive, engaging and fun. Some of the interesting features are such as

  • It enables Teachers to run Live Quizzes in a gamified manner. A live leaderboard based on students’ attempts, pushes them to do better.
  • W.A.V.E enables multiple Teacher Assistants (TAs) to be live in a class to support the Main Teacher in answering students’ doubts – they all teach as a team. A first of its kind Teacher Assistant’s Live Doubt Resolution Concept in live classes have been developed. 
  • W.A.V.E enables all this data to be captured and insights are shown to the teacher. 

Technology Stack At Vedantu

Vedantu is a technology company at its core and has been innovating continuously to evolve live online Learning as a medium to make education more accessible and affordable. The platform uses typical e-commerce product and a deep-service layer to understand the post-purchase, duration of each student spending on online learning and other such. 

With patented technology, Vedantu measures the effectiveness of teaching and mould the learning and make it more personalized for every student. Vedantu captures 70+ parameters in a Live class to measure the effectiveness of students learning on our platform. However, measuring the above to derive insights for real-time intervention has become a big challenge when it comes to scalability. 

Hiring Phase

Currently, Vedantu has 50 Techies who are working in 8 different verticals including AI, Big Data, front-end and back-end. Coming to the hiring phase, Pulkit said, “We are a student-centric platform; hence we look for teachers who have the best interests of the students at heart. We look for individuals who are driven by passion and are looking to educate every child of India with their skills.” He added, “In addition, we have put 10+ years of deep research on effective teaching methodologies and the same is incorporated in the recruitment and training processes for teachers.”

Future Roadmap

According to Pulkit, in the next 5 years, Vedantu should be able to reach 2 million students worldwide. The team is also working hard to provide effective & affordable education to Tier 2 and Tier 3 city students as well as students below 6th grade in the coming years.

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