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Experts Speak: Recruitment in Analytics

Experts Speak: Recruitment in Analytics

Ganesh S, CEO at Dun & Bradstreet Technology and Data Services

We recruit people from various streams like economics, mathematics, statistics, operations research, computer science etc. While recruiting, I look for deduction ability, logical thinking, and communication skills apart from subject knowledge. Our selection procedure involves multiple stages to assess core skills, practical experience and potential to grow.

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Manas Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO at Affine Analytics

We recruit both freshers as we as experienced analytics professionals. While we do assess them for their problem solving and reasoning abilities, we also test them on their attitude towards learning new things. As a matter of fact post joining we take our recruits through a process of unlearning and disillusionment where they start challenging all they have learnt in maths only organizations.

I suggest the analytics professionals to be curious and always try to test things before accepting them are truth.

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Anees Merchant, Associate Principal Analytics at eClerx

It may sound cliché but when I am hiring from B School colleges the only thing I look for the Right Attitude and Aptitude. If I look at lateral hires, I am looking for a person to manage volatility and whether the candidate is nimble with an entrepreneur bend of mindset. Regular skillsets aspects such technical, domain and platform are evaluate but are not the decision making pointers.

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Divya Krishnan, Head of Analytics at Position2

While we look for people with domain experience for senior positions. We find most success with finding smart freshers or folks with 1-2 years experience and training them on the job. We look for people who have an eye for detail, can work with numbers and can translate business requirements into analytic problems.

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  • we teach courses related to Analytics and have a full fledged department that we call as decision sciences at Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad.
    we teach SAS and R both and our students have joined firms like Millward Brown, TCS, Caterpillar, Uninor telecom Analytics division.

    It is a great experience making students ready for analytics careers.
    I am happy that you have started a magazine for the Analytics community and I am impressed by the quality. Today was my first visit to your magazine website.
    accept my congratulations and best wishes.
    I will be happy to contribute to the magazine.
    My area of expertise lie in advanced modeling and customer analytics.

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