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HCL Launches AI-Powered Services Designed For Enterprises

HCL Launches AI-Powered Services Designed For Enterprises

Prajakta Hebbar


Software giant HCL Technologies has taken yet another leap into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its allied areas.

Last week, the company announced two AI-powered services designed to provide process transformation platforms and strategic consulting to companies. Named DRYiCE COPA and DRYiCE TAO, the services will facilitate in ‘unifying‘ the office by giving it end-to-end automation.

“For enterprises looking to rebuild their systems on the foundation of AI, we have introduced next-generation offerings and platforms, including a radical re-imagining of the traditional role of robotic process automation through DRYiCE COPA and expert assessment and strategy consulting service DRYiCE TAO,” Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer at HCL Technologies, said in a statement.

DRYiCE enables a maturity road map – which takes into consideration the company’s current IT systems maturity, their business goals, and future plans. DRYiCE consultants offer frameworks which help segment complex and mixed IT environments into ‘zones’ – which then enable a realistic IT automation road map — not only controlling the amount of money an enterprise spends on automating, but also helping the IT set realistic automation goals for their business stakeholders.


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DRYiCE modules are reportedly designed with the human sensory system in mind. This allows DRYiCE to seamlessly fit into the human way of doing things, while also being faster and error-free through the power of Autonomics. And because it brings human-like sensory functionality to the enterprise, the impact of DRYiCE can go beyond just replacing human effort for low-level, repeatable tasks.

“DRYiCE can empower humans to do higher-order, high-complexity tasks better by “assisting them”. DRYiCE can aid collaboration between human teams or even between different business processes through orchestration,” said a HCL statement.

The two services are being supported by a team of over 200 autonomics specialists, including professionals certified on cognitive platforms like ‘WorkFusion Smart Process Automation’, reported IANS.

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