In-Med Prognostics Launches A Brain Quantifying Analytics Tool — NEUROShield


In-Med Prognostics, a health tech company developing AI-based brain health diagnostic and prognostic tools, has launched NEUROShield — a cloud-based Clinical Decision Support Tool for neurological disorders. 

The hospitals and clinics are deploying this technology stand to benefit as it leverages clinical decision support mechanisms to take early calls for preventive health. The analysis of NEUROShield enables actionable, quantitative, objective decision making to the neuro-physicians for differential diagnosis. The NeuroShield technology uses pattern recognition and deep learning for the development of clinical biomarkers for early prognosis and differential diagnosis.

In-Med Prognostics already has strategic alliances with like-minded hospitals that have agreed to collaborate and leverage the use of NEUROShield for the benefit of patients across geographies. Some of these hospitals and screening centres are Sahyadri Hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Arthi diagnostic centre, NM Medical, PH diagnostic Center, and Noble Hospital.

NEUROShield, powered by state-of-the-art AI, utilizes 3D based MRI images to their full potential by extracting data and providing volumetric analysis for the brain and its various structures. Use of cutting edge, AI technology enables them to perform analysis, on both Indian and Caucasian brains, thus unlocking a global scalability potential for their platform.

Latha Poonamallee, co-founder and chairperson at In-Med Prognostics, said, “I am delighted to be leading this effort in developing a global gold standard product right here in India to serve the world at large”.

Additionally, Rajesh Purushottam, Co-founder at InMed Prognostics, said, “The launch of NEUROShield is a step closer towards making mental health more acceptable by dissolving the stigma around it and making it more acceptable across age groups and geographies. Our aim with this initiative is to make brain screening mainstream like any other diagnostic screening available today.’’

Rahul Kulkarni from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune, also shares his opinion that “I have started using NEUROShield in my clinical practice in patients with neurological disorders. While a traditional 2D MRI imaging provides only a limited understanding of mild atrophy changes, NEUROShield provides differential diagnosis on visualization and volumetric analysis of 3D MRI images. This analysis could help in assessing conditions like MCI, dementia, MS, epilepsy, and TB more efficiently and arrive at optimal evidence-based clinical decisions.”

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