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India Forms Policy Group To Study And Monitor Artificial Intelligence: Nasscom

India Forms Policy Group To Study And Monitor Artificial Intelligence: Nasscom

After global leaders in tech like Elon Musk raised concerns over how artificial intelligence can affect the global scenario, there has been a rising demand for a policy framework around the development of AI. Aiming to combat one of the major challenges, India has formed a policy group to study the new technologies and also recommend a framework for its adoption, said Nasscom.

“We all are currently working out on a policy framework on AI,” Nasscom’s vice president K S Viswanathan told PTI, talking about concerns over AI or the intelligence exhibited by machines.

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According to reports, Viswanathan confirmed that the “policy group” has been created by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology with representation from the academia, which has done a lot of research on the subject, and Nasscom for the industry’s perspective.

The policy group will focus on aspects like skilling the workforce, privacy, security and fixing responsibility if anything goes wrong, he added.

“We have to create a thought leadership on what is this programme all about, what is the likely impact. Create a thought leadership when AI becomes a reality, what are the elements and sub-elements which need to be taken care of, how do we take care of that,” he said according to PTI.

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On the timelines as well, he was non-committal on the longevity of the engagement for the group. He said Nasscom will be holding a stakeholders’ consultative meeting on what is required from a policy perspective by the end of the year for the same.

According to Nasscom, there are over 800 multinationals like Intel, Boeing, Bosch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley that have set up their global in-house centres in the country and create $20 billion of work every year, growing at 10 percent, which is faster than the services export.

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