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Infographic- Analytics India Industry Study 2017

Infographic- Analytics India Industry Study 2017

Srishti Deoras

Analytics India Industry Study 2017, an extensive study carried out by Analytics India Magazine in association with AnalytixLabs brought a complete coverage of various aspects that shapes up analytics industry in India. From key trends to the company size in India, it had all the elements that contributes to the overall revenue generation of the analytics industry.

There is no doubt that there has been a tremendous increase in the data at individual and organisational level, thereby increasing the need for tools that can analyse the data. This has in-turn given a boost to analytics industry, to an extent of it becoming critical to almost all the businesses.

The increased reliance of various industries on analytics has contributed to its significant growth, which is well represented in the study. We bring an infographic compiling all the essential details of the study here.

Read the complete study here

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Analytics India Industry Study 2017
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