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LinkedIn To Offer Free Job Postings To Accelerate Hiring For Critical Roles To Combat COVID-19

LinkedIn To Offer Free Job Postings To Accelerate Hiring For Critical Roles To Combat COVID-19

LinkedIn To Offer Free Job Postings To Accelerate Hiring For Critical Roles To Combat COVID-19

LinkedIn has announced that the platform is now offering free job postings to accelerate hiring for critical roles during the COVID-19 crisis. This initiative has been launched to promote urgent jobs and recruiting resources to companies from industries in critical need such as healthcare, supermarket, warehousing and freight delivery, as well as disaster relief nonprofits to help them find talent quickly.

In their recent blog, the company stated, “The global battle we are fighting with this pandemic has shone a light on their local heroes – from the doctors, nurses and medical professionals caring for their sick – to the growers, truckers, warehouse workers, and grocery staff all of whom keep their food and other critical supplies reaching us. As they work around the clock on their front lines, we are committed to doing everything we can to help their respective organisations find the people they need to meet the growing demand for these critical services.”

According to the blog, starting today, LinkedIn will be offering the following services:

  1. Providing a platform for free job posts for frontline roles: The company is offering healthcare industry, supermarket, warehousing and freight delivery sector, as well as disaster relief non-profits the ability to post jobs for free on the platform in order to find and hire people needed to fill these mission-critical roles. 
  1. Being a medium to connect medical professionals to important healthcare roles: LinkedIn is helping job seekers with the right skills to quickly find open positions by promoting them on their Jobs page. 
  1. Being a support to healthcare staffing customers with free insights: LinkedIn is also helping in hiring for critical healthcare roles by offering access to LinkedIn Talent Insights for three months to give their customers real-time data and insights to identify critical healthcare professionals efficiently.
  1. Scaling their Recruiting for Good program: LinkedIn has expanded its recruiting for good plan to deploy its team of recruiters to help in screening talent for organisations on the front lines so that these organisations can fill urgent paid and volunteer positions.

This initiative will help in adding more people in frontline healthcare roles, such as doctors and nurses, which will be surfaced to LinkedIn members with relevant skills.

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Ruchee Anand, Director of Talent and Learning Solutions, India at LinkedIn, said, “Every day we are hearing heroic stories of how those on the frontlines are working around the clock to protect the public. It’s clear, however, that more help is needed to fill the most urgent open roles.”

“That is why we are bolstering their efforts to help accelerate the hiring of people with relevant skills that are most needed in India right now. And we are committed to continuing to identify new ways in which we can support the fight against this global pandemic,” concluded Anand.

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