Maharashtra Govt Launches New Chatbot ‘Aaple Sarkar’ In Association With Haptik

haptik chatbot

The Maharashtra State Government this week announced the launch of a new chatbot called Aaple Sarkar to effectively disseminate information. Available on the Aaple Sarkar RTS (Right to Services) website, the bot provides easy, conversational access to information regarding 1,400 public services managed by the state government.

Commenting on the latest initiative, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, “Accountability, efficiency, transparency and inclusion are the cornerstones of Good Governance. In today’s era, the test of true Government is the provision of services and processing the paperwork with minimum human interference that too in a time-bound manner. One should get the desired services or the desired paper processed in a time-bound, transparent and predictable manner without even knowing the person behind the show.

The platform has reportedly already received an overwhelming response from the residents of the state. The bot has substantially benefited users by providing them with instantaneous, accurate, transparent and complete information, as well as enabling them to track services offered by the state government.

Haptik’s chatbot simplifies the process of searching through the vast array of public services. Users can simply search for services like ‘driving license’ to view all the prerequisites for the application process, and can then track the status of their application. Accessing relevant information, collating documents, initiating the application process, monitoring its progress to eventual completion and feedback submission, the RTS portal chatbot handholds the user through every stage of the process.

In line with that, the Aaple Sarkar Chatbot is another positive step to provide solutions to the queries of the public through conversations. With the help of AI, this conversational facility is definitely going to significantly improve public service frameworks. In fact, Haptik is also planning to add support for Marathi and Hindi in this chatbot.

Remarking on this commendable digitization effort, Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder and CEO, Haptik said, “It always gives us immense joy to implement conversational solutions that can significantly improve public service frameworks, as these impact the lives of millions. The RTS chatbot comprises a range of algorithms that give it the ability to process a large number of queries every day, analyzing each conversation, maintaining records and providing the user with the most useful information. We have been blown away by the state government’s adoption of AI technology in general, and are excited to work with them in the coming years to make the RTS bot successful statewide across multiple languages.”

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