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Microsoft vouches for Cloud-Based & Machine Learning tools in its “Office Apps”

Microsoft vouches for Cloud-Based & Machine Learning tools in its “Office Apps”



To yield you better results and save on some of your precious time, Microsoft brings to you the all new Office apps powered by the most trending technologies of the recent times- artificial intelligence. Adding a tint of AI to Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, the company sure has some sincere plans to improve upon the writing, delivering  presentations and the way we communicate via emails. Let’s quench your curiosity by reading what does Microsoft bring to table!

1. Researcher:

The first addition to the list is “Researcher”. As the name suggests, it will ease up your research for a reliable source of content for your paper. Claiming to reduce the number of steps, it also aims to incorporate more resources to help explore related materials with much more depth. According to Microsoft, “Right within your Word document you can explore material related to your topic and add it—and it’s properly-formatted citation—in one click”. With an assurance of all the sources to be safe and credible, the appropriate material from the web would be pulled in by Bing Knowledge Graph.

The company also plans to expand Researcher’s capability by including resources from platforms like national science and health centres, entrusted encyclopedias, history databases and more.

That’s not all, for those willing to start working on your paper right where you are, the company is going to assure that Researcher is available in mobile devices too!  

2. Editor

The next feature is “Editor”.  It aims to act like your own personal editor giving a brush up and final touch up to your paper. So, no more worries about those typos and spell errors, thanks to machine learning and natural language processing that has been deployed in its new ‘Word’.

Making suggestions, simplifying and streamlining written communications by pointing complex words, redundancy and unclear phrases, are some of the actions that it would take.

3. Focused Inbox

Another feature added to the list would help you work smarter and take better control of your emails. Yes, its Outlook that gets the next advantage. The users with Outlook on Windows, Mac and web would be able to use “Focused Inbox” in Outlook just as in iOS and Android.

The feature enables you to focus on emails that matter the most by creating a separate tab.

Also, Outlook’s intelligence can learn from your past actions and help prioritize your emails without you worrying for it.

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4. @mentions

If you thought that was all, it’s time for one more surprise! “@mentions” is something that Microsoft has introduced, again in Outlook, which would be accessible on Windows and Mac for Office 365 subscribers.

It would ease up the process of identifying emails that need your attention and to flag actions. Using @ along with desired name would automatically highlight their email address and add to the address line. It would also allow you to filter the emails more conveniently.

The feature which is already available for use in Outlook on the web, has been introduced for use in Outlook 2016 on Windows and Mac and would be coming soon for Outlook for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

It’s not the first time that Microsoft has explored the area of artificial intelligence, as it already has Cortana under its credit. Challenging their limits, all the above features adds on to the already strong hold of machine learning and artificial intelligence that Microsoft has. Aiming towards the best user experience, we definitely look forward to more developments in the coming future.  

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