How Mobile Apps leverage Big Data to drive Sales and Marketing?

How Mobile Apps leverage Big Data to drive Sales and Marketing

Big Data is big for the business outcome as well as strategy. At a time when the large volumes of data are useful for us to come with more mobility and many data-driven decisions are playing a significant role in data revolution, the big data analytics remains a highly significant factor when it comes to the field of mobile marketing. Today, every business is aware of the major role played by mobile apps in establishing a brand image and marketing their products. But, they require the help of advanced data resources like Big Data analytics.

Big Data’s Role in Marketing and Sales

What are major areas of marketing and sales getting most of the help from big data analytics? For Customer Analytics, 48% of the big data use cases exist while for the Operational Analytics, 21% of the big data use cases are present as per the Forbes report. In the same report, it was stated that the big data use cases for Optimization of Enterprise Data Warehouse is 10%, New service and product innovation is 10% and Compliance and Fraud are 12%. This study reveals that numerous are interested in utilizing big data for customer value analytics. There is no need to say that mobile apps are playing a major role in making the most of the big data to drive marketing and sales.

The Relationship between Big Data and Mobility

The relation between big data and mobility is a promoter of mutual growth and is reciprocal in many ways. One needs to start with the basics to understand the depth in this relationship. The rising importance of mobile apps helped to promote the exponential growth of big data both in variety and volume and this aided the mobile app analytics to know more about the users and customers.The same user data obtained from analytics and device sensors is feeding the strategic decision making and analytics with more practical insights. This is the reason why mobile is highly suited for the complete big data trajectory.

The mobility’s anywhere-anytime nature helped the businesses acquire more insights on the user data based on input, usage patterns, and the user behavior. In addition to allowing the direct access to data of the user, the apps that are running in the background also seize an entire array of usage patterns and user data that allows further value for analytics when it comes to the area of marketing. This stream of varied data consisting of user actions and behavior provide mobile apps with all the materials for more practical insights to steer the marketing initiatives. When users are remaining inactive without using any mobile app, the device is continuing to seize the valuable user data.

This huge reserve of mobile user data is used further for purpose of optimizing the mobile user experiences, to drive as well as build the mobile traffic, to drive more user interaction and engagement and to push the business conversion. The arrival of revolutionary user analytics like Flurry’s analytics is a fine example of how the app developers can actually take help from this data to steer user engagement and retention. Day-by-day the mobile app marketing is becoming increasingly dependent on the actionable analytics offered by user insights and data and in this respect, the value of big data analytics is highly emerging.

As for mobile marketing and mobile advertising, the excessive amount of data-driven insights has a major role to play. Every mobile app acquires location-based notifications and location sensors these days. Seizing the user’s location data is invariably a big and crucial part of mobile big data which enables contextual and well-targeted marketing approach. The real-time and particularly targeted hyper-local notifications and messages that don’t consider ‘where’ and ‘when’ element of the user situation in its scope of influence. The specific user data coupled with location data can steer more personalisation in marketing via mobile apps.

Gaining Competitive Advantage with Real-Time Analytics Through Big Data

The actionable analytics is actually making things happen in real time in the recent times. The mobile marketers today are vulnerable to the value of real time. With high volumes of data giving analytics more control than ever before, the real-time analytics can offer more advantages to the businesses. In this respect, the ability of the advanced big data technology can play a decisive role. The Hadoop reporting enables examining the data in real time. The businesses today are able to provide quick decisions and respond to transformations in the instantaneous marketing initiatives with the real-time analytics. Today, a business can adjust to the changes in the middle of any campaign, thanks to this real-time advantage.

Critical Components in a Productive Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

As the significance of data-driven marketing began pushing many businesses to adopt to big data analytics and tools, there are some critical facets that companies need to keep in mind. A data-driven approach to marketing must be cross-disciplinary in the first place and so you must boost the collaboration among various teams and team members. In the second place, the focus must be on the right KPIs and importance must be given to the insights between lines than just numbers. From time to time, assess your buyer personas on the basis of data-driven insights. The buyer persona on which your business focuses must be evaluated and if needed, more characteristic details must be appended to it.

Many businesses are utilizing data-driven marketing approach to reach out to their customers. A massive 44% of consumer marketing companies and businesses are using big data to make their marketing more customer-focused and responsive. All these statistics and data help us in knowing about the huge significance of big data in sales and marketing. For any business now, while mobility is the center stage of a digital strategy, big data pushes the benefits of mobility with more personalized, hyper-local and real-time marketing approaches.

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