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Plumb5- The real-time platform that transforms online marketing and ecommerce

Plumb5- The real-time platform that transforms online marketing and ecommerce

Monday, 11th July, India, Bangalore:

Decisive Analytics Solutions, a Bangalore-based provider of Real time marketing automation products & solutions, announced the launch of its real-time marketing platform, Plumb5, which is a customer marketing suite that provides end-to-end insights, engagement and personalization features. The platform helps enterprises, especially e-commerce and retail companies, to enhance conversion rates, campaign ROI’s and customer experience, while facilitating reduction in customer acquisition, marketing and resource management costs.

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Plumb5 provides integration across all customer touch points while acting as a platform to personalize, interact and engage with audience in real-time.

“Plumb5 provides analytics, content optimization, personalization, customer engagement, campaign management and marketing automation. Customer Loyalty and Social CRM features are also part of the suite helping it deliver and optimize seamless customer experience and conversions” according to Pavan, the product marketing manager at Decisive Analytical Solutions, the Company behind Plumb5.

To achieve real-time engagement and insights across all touch points, Plumb5 offers inbuilt features which are a combination of marketing, engagement and interaction tools like campaign management, lead generation, personalization and targeting, proactive hybrid chat, feedback widgets, split testing tools, click-to-call widgets, community builders, topic crawlers, brand sentiment search and omni-channel integration features.

The platform provides rules-based automation, built on the solid foundations of analytics to enable real-time segmentation, behavioural scoring and social media trending that helps understand user intentions and behaviour.

Unlike other marketing automation and analytics tools, Plumb5 focuses on being customer-centric rather than being data-centric, as the main idea is to tag customer intentions and behavior rather than just executing a marketing function. The emphasis is on creating seamless customer experiences in real-time, which not only improves website conversion to ROI but helps customer support and interactions at critical points, when online customers need support or suggestions” added Vijaychander, CEO at DAS.

The Plumb5 suite helps enterprises (esp ecommerce and retail biz) increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per Customer) which is currently done by bringing about all disparate data sources together and overlaying customer data.  Plumb5 also helps in predicting real-time customer value as the product enables tagging mechanisms across all customer touch points. This method helps in achieving a more accurate retention rate required for calculating CLV. The method of updating real-time value status enables marketers to effectively conduct cross-sell and up-sell campaigns.

Some of the benefits Plumb 5 provides for businesses are:

  • The robust platform of plumb5 eliminates silos and the need to invest in multiple tools like analytics tools, social media tools, CRM tools and marketing automation tools. An enterprise can save over 40% of its annual costs, when compared to existing platforms in the market
  • Plumb 5 is available as a SaaS, pay as you go model, and does not require companies to invest in IT infrastructure.
  • It’s unique plug and play feature saves companies, valuable integration time and effort and the extra expense of bringing an engineering team to overlay all these data to arrive at unified reports from various customer data sources
  • Plumb5 also does not require any constant IT engineering support, as the features are intuitive, self-configurable and workflow based. With this, the marketing team gains on turn-around time and saves resource overheads
  • Dedicated support through chat, online and phone makes consultation with experts, always accessible for plumb5 customers


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Pavan Kumar

Product Manager

Decisive Analytics Solutions

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