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Srikrishna Committee May Ask Tech Giants To Store Indian Private Data Locally: Report

Srikrishna Committee May Ask Tech Giants To Store Indian Private Data Locally: Report

justice bn Srikrishna
justice bn Srikrishna
File photo of Justice BN Srikrishna (Image source: @BSEIndia/YouTube)

The Indian Government had constituted a Committee of Experts to study various issues relating to data protection in July 2017. The committee was set up so that the specific suggestions could be made on the principles for data protection as well as for creating a Data Protection Bill.

Now the committee, headed by Justice BN Srikrishna may recommend changes for India’s data security, which may, in turn, change the face of Indian new tech sector forever.

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According to a news report, Justice Srikrishna and the other nine members of the panel are considering revolutionary changes for data privacy and safety. Most of the panel, for example, is leaning towards asking multinational entities, especially tech and social media giants such as Facebook and Google to ensure that important user data is stored physically in India.

The news report has quoted an anonymous source saying:

“Broadly, data has to be [stored] in the country. There are some areas where exemptions could be there but even from the country’s sovereignty point of view, vital data has to be stored locally… While sensitive personal data is already defined under many Acts, the committee will do the remaining job.”

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The news about storing the data comes at a controversial time when India as a country is on the cusp of making it big in the new tech sector, where data privacy and storage are in the hands of the big players. On the other hand, after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy, such a drastic step seems justified to many.

India, with over 1.32 billion population, has a lot of valuable and sensitive data. But storage this amount of data with the country’s lack of proper infrastructure and infamous bureaucracy, this news may come as an alarming development for the tech giants.

“Some of the global Internet giants are really worried right now. If the government asks that personal emails of citizens etc. have to be stored in India, it will cause a lot of disruption,” the source told the newspaper.

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