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Start-up of the week | Vizbi- an analytics & visualization tool that lets you build beautiful storyboards

Start-up of the week | Vizbi- an analytics & visualization tool that lets you build beautiful storyboards

Vizbi Founders- Shabda Raaj and Akshar Raaj

When the world is moving from an IT enabled field to more self service model, there is one startup that exactly knows how  to capture this trend. As the self service models is only accelerating the previously IT enabled fields, Akshar Raaj and Shabda Raaj, brothers and co-founders of Vizbi thought it was definitely a good time to build on it.

Based in Hyderabad, they are developing new app that lets you build visualization and get deeper insights from any data. Competing with the big multi billion names in the industry, what sets Vizbi apart from most of them is that it provides the full power of Python, SQL and R right inside their platform.

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Talking in details, Vizbi is an analytics and visualization tool with built-in Python and SQL support, and R and Julia (planned very shortly). Vizbi intends to revolutionize how analysts and machine learning professionals work by providing all the required tools in one cloud based platform. Given the fact Akshar and Shabda have been building custom analytics and BI dashboards using R, Python, SQL and Pandas for quite a long time, Vizbi came naturally to them.

What Vizbi offers?

Vizbi, allows you to create visualizations using drag and drop. In case drag and drop doesn’t suffice, Vizbi allows flexibility to drop to SQL mode or Python. Vizbi claims that most of the analytics tools available in the market including the market leader Tableau, has the Python mode missing which gives a competitive edge to Vizbi over others.

Vizbi’s Python mode comes with various analytics, numerical and scientific libraries which are pre-installed. It also comes acquainted with Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Tensorflow and various other libraries which makes complex analysis tasks quick and easy. That’s not all, Vizbi connects to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, Amazon Redshift, Bigquery, CSV. And they are looking forward to adding more data sources soon.

It allows user to structure and clean data from inside the tool using Python and see it reflected on their visualization and storyboard as they are preparing data. This ensures that the data preparation time is reduced and user gets immediate feedback about data quality and format while preparing the data itself.

The end result:

The users can combine visualizations created from different data sources to build beautiful storyboards. The storyboards can have graphs as well as html visualizations and it also enables the user to put text alongside the charts.

Vizbi is provided as a SaaS app, which lets it connect to the user’s database. And in case, the user prefers to host it himself and doesn’t want to give access to the database, Vizbi has covered that too.

Created with embeddability in mind, Vizbi allows any storyboard a user creates to be configured embeddable. All that needs to be done is put the storyboard in an iframe, and it can allow white labelling as well as full API access to the Vizbi platform.

An API driven platform, Vizbi gives the users an ability to programmatically create and modify their visualizations and storyboards. It caters to all the specific requirements that a company might have. For instance, a SaaS company that might want to create different storyboards for different users based on user specific data, Vizbi’s APIs have got all of it addressed and accommodated.

In a nutshell, some of the unique features of Vizbi are:

  • It has full Python/Pandas support to get a deeper understanding of the data and build more complex visualisations than is possible in any existing BI tool
  • It lets you drag and drop charts
  • It lets you connect to your existing apps and data warehouse
  • It lets you connect to third party apps and mash data between them
  • It lets you build and share dashboards

A glimpse of few of the visualization built by Vizbi:

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