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Swiggy Appoints Ex-Amazon Exec Dale Vaz As Head Of Engineering & Data Sciences Dept

Swiggy Appoints Ex-Amazon Exec Dale Vaz As Head Of Engineering & Data Sciences Dept

dale vaz

dale vaz

Online food delivery portal Swiggy has roped in former Amazon India executive Dale Vaz to lead their Engineering and Data Sciences department. The announcement comes as no surprise, as the move has been in works since May 2018.

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According to media reports, Vaz’s key responsibility will be to improve Swiggy’s technology strategy and build the company’s next-generation artificial intelligence-driven platform for “hyperlocal discovery and on-demand delivery”. A statement by Swiggy also added that Vaz is to work closely with the company CTO Rahul Jaimini and is to report directly to Swiggy CEO Sriharsha Majety.

Vaz is also excited about the use of new tech such as robotics and artificial intelligence at Swiggy. Referring to a news article, Vaz shared on LinkedIn:

The food industry will be disrupted by technology innovation such as robotic kitchens, IoT-controlled devices, drone-based or unmanned deliveries, molecular food science and more. Super exciting space to be for a technologist!

Elated with the jump, Vaz told an online news portal,“I am thrilled to be joining Swiggy at such an exciting juncture. Swiggy is India’s largest and fastest growing platform for hyperlocal discovery and on-demand delivery. I look forward to working with the tech team as we build innovative products for our customers and drive both the industry and Swiggy forward.”

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Majety added, “Dale is a technology leader with proven abilities to innovate and develop new products. As Swiggy continues to leverage technology to make the lives of consumers more convenient, Dale’s expertise will help us move faster and more effectively towards that vision.”

An MIT (Manipal) and UMass Amherst alumnus, Vaz had been working with Amazon India for over 11 years. He was with Infosys before that.

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