Why It Is Important To Upskill Rural India With AI & Cloud Technologies

Why It Is Important To Upskill Rural India With AI & Cloud Technologies

In recent news, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEitY) has collaborated with IBM to upskill members of the Common Services Centre (CSC) ecosystem in artificial intelligence and cloud. With an aim to integrate it into the 6000 academy centres under the CSC scheme, this initiative will be impacting 500,000 learners across 26 different […]

How Ed-Tech Firms Are Using AI To Enhance Learning From Home


Much has been written about how professionals are adjusting to working from home — while some find refuge in productivity tips and hacks, others are enjoying the flexibility to upskill themselves. The lockdown has accelerated adoption of technologies across industries, and ed-tech firms have responded to this expeditiously with various offerings to deliver quality education […]

Top AI Education Initiatives Launched In 2019

The year 2019 saw many important changes in terms of development and adoption of data science and analytics in the modern workplace. Almost every aspect of an organisation is now directly aligned with smart usage and intelligent analysis of big data. As more companies bolster their analytics and data science capabilities, they are aggressively hiring […]

Can AI Replace Teachers To Grade Student Essays? A Lesson From US Schools


In countries like the US, artificial intelligence is already being used at a large scale to evaluate student essays, saving educational institutes money and time. According to reports, at least 21 states in America have deployed some type of automated scoring, from middle school to college level. Students are being graded on their essays using […]

‘Angry Birds’ Creator Wants To Set Up AI Entrepreneurship University In India

Noted developer Peter Vesterbacka, who shot to fame after his success with the wildly popular game Angry Birds, now wants to set up an educational institute to groom entrepreneurs who want to work with artificial intelligence. Finland-based Vesterbacka, who is also the founder of Slush, the gaming company, met Mekapati Goutham Reddy, the Minister for […]

Why The Best Way To Prepare For AI Is By Studying Past Technological Revolutions

Scientific and technological advancements have always had significant impacts on human lives over the course of history. Artificial intelligence, as a major technological force, has already started exhibiting its impact at a global level. However, this is just the beginning. The impending impact is going to be more deep-rooted, more disruptive and more transformative than […]

Reliance To Invest $180 Million In AI Education Platform Embibe Over Next 3 Years

Reliance Industries Limited on 12 April 2018 executed definitive agreements to acquire majority equity stake from existing investors of Indiavidual Learning Pvt Ltd (Embibe), a note AI-based education platform which leverages data analytics to deliver personalised learning outcomes to each student. Reliance will further invest upto $180 million into Embibe over the next three years. […]

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence can reinvent the Education System

Artificial intelligence is starting to become a part of our daily lives. Be it personal assistant like Siri or intelligent sensors that allow us to take perfect pictures or automatic parking features in cars, we are surrounded by artificial intelligence. However, one area where the presence of Artificial Intelligence still needs to be felt is […]